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Understanding Bereavement Fares

The death of a loved one is a very difficult time. Dealing with all the details of final arrangements on top of dealing with travel details can be quite a challenge. Airline companies across the world realize that tedious travel details are the last thing that you want to deal with when a family member has died. They also understand that finances may be tight when dealing with final preparations. This is why many airlines have established bereavement fares.

Death can be very unexpected when it comes to our family members. The death of a loved one can cause many unexpected expenses. Getting to the location of where the other family members are and preparing for the final arrangements may prove to be a high and unnecessary expense. Airline companies try to make your travel when dealing with a death of a loved one an easy, affordable transaction. Airline companies usually offer bereavement fares to people who are traveling due to the death of a family member.

Bereavement fares are considerably less than standard fares. People flying with certain airlines may experience discounts of up to 80% off due to the fact that they are traveling due to a death in the family. There are usually special sales representatives that are thoughtful and compassionate who will help walk you through purchasing your tickets and providing the best-discounted airline fare possible. These sales representatives are specially trained to take the burden off you and ensure your satisfaction.

If you are traveling due to a death in the family, it is important that you call the airline and speak to a sales representative directly. They will inform you of the polices and various procedures that they have in place that entail bereavement fares. There are many different ways that airlines offer their services to living relatives experiencing a death in the family. Many airline companies will allow a passenger bereavement fare for only certain members of the family. For example, you may be permitted to receive bereavement fare if your parents and/or grandparents pass away, but it may not be offered if the family member is a cousin, aunt, or uncle. It all depends on the airline that you are dealing with and what types of policies that they have in place for family member specification.

If you are trying to sign up for bereavement fare and your needs meet the expectations as set forth in the airlines policies and various procedures, you may be asked to submit vital information pertaining to the death of the loved one. Some of the information that may be asked of you is the proof of death, possibly a copy of the death certificate, your identification, the hospital, and name of the doctor that dealt with the death of the loved one, and your relation to the deceased.

It is important to understand that most airlines are hesitant to offer bereavement fares that are international. If you require these types of arrangements, it may be in your best interest to pursue them through a specialized travel agent.

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