About US

Who we are / Our Mission Statement

The name of our organization is GoodbuyBestbuy. A dedicated site for the general consumer protection. We are a team of professionals who make research online on behalf of consumers generally to ensure that they get good and quality products in exchange for their hard-earned money. It should be noted that we don’t produce or manufacture any product. Also, we don’t promote any product for profit or favor of any kind. We only earn from affiliate commission. That is when anyone buys through our affiliate link on the review, we will get our commission. Our slogan is “work for the people and answer for the people.”

What we do / Our Aim

Base on our research, we have noticed that low quality and fake products are everywhere in the market. One can hardly find a good product and searching might be tiresome to most individuals. So we are out to help lead buyers to the right and best products, so they don’t waste their time on low quality products. We make verification about available products in the market, carry out our test before we can roll it out to the public that its safe and best to buy. We share updates of the best products daily.

Why we give this information for free

Many people out there needs a guide to buying the right and best products for their consumption. So, we are happy helping them get the best product. Their happiness in finding the best product is our joy.

We invest our time,cash and energy into this to make sure they are not just satisfied but get a good and best purchase. According to our slogan, we work for the people and answer for them. We have a heart to safeguard the interests of consumers and buyers of products, so they won’t get lost in their attempt to make any purchase online.

Meet our team

We have a team that are dedicated to this call. Many of which are young and experienced professionals in their field. All from different walks of life, but are brought together by the same interest.

John Isaac

He is a key player in the team. A professional writer and editor with over 9 years experience. He leads the team and pioneer the platform towards achieving its goal — getting the best products for the people.

Williams E. Colon

A professional Engineer with 15 years experience in the profession. He is actively investing both time and efforts in making research on recent consumer products on regular basis to ensure that only genuine and best products are displayed to buyers.

Jamie White

The first female in the team. A professional banker with 3 years experience. Though married but still dedicate her time to collaborate with the team in achieving her goal. She is a formidable member of the team and highly interested in making sure she helps the public get only best products.

William John

He is an undergraduate in Western Kentucky Universitystudying English Language. Young, vibrant and active in the team. He is smart at getting new products in the market, compare and contrast, check the pros and cons of products, make his analysis and delivers the best that is fit for consumers or buyers.

Eli M. Mora

Also an undergraduate in Eastern New Mexico University studying English Language too. He is also a dedicated member of the team. Invest his time and efforts to the growth of the company. So passionate about helping the people get only the best product.

Blake G. Reese

He is student of English Language in Savannah State University. A strong backbone of the group and known for his keen interest in stopping the circulation of low quality products and bringing the best ones to the knowledge of the people. He is also a social worker.

Wade D. Ramos

He studies economics in the Missouri Western State University. A guy for the people. He loves helping the public. He often meets consumers to inquire about their experiences with some products, thereby knowing which is the best for the public.

Shelley P. Scott

The second lady in the team and also a full time house wife. She has made herself always available and dedicates her time to collaborate with the team in achieving their mission. As a house wife, she is close to some products and can actively run test those products to know if they are good for the public.

Paul M. Washington

A businessman guru who also is an active member of the group. He invests his cash and efforts towards the growth of the team and company. Always looking for ways of helping the team in any project.

Michael A. Hanover

He is an integrated member of the team. Also, a businessman man and very passionate about helping the company get information about good and quality products.

Reasons Behind our Team Member Selection

It can be noted that we have different individuals from various fields, profession and category; students, business men, engineer, house wife and a banker. All these individuals help to generate authentic, current and genuine information about the best available products in the market. They are also consumers who are interested in helping other consumers to get good products. It also helps to take on concrete decision on which product is best in the market and which one is of low quality.

When 10 people confirming that a product is good, definitely it is the best. With our team members, we are able to view products from different angles, platforms, and perspectives. For instance, a member of our team, Paul M. Washington has a five star hotel. Through him we can get to know about best products that are related to his somewhat business. The house wife in our team will be able to tell us best home products, and so on. This helps us to work with experts who are experienced in various fields. By so doing, we will be able to give best reviews for best products available.