Best Pet Stain Remover for Carpet

One thing you should know is that the primary ingredients in a pet stain remover vary depending on the brand. Also, it depends on if the pet stain remover is made with harsh chemicals or an organic one.

Individuals with kids at home or funny pets that could lick up any liquid on the floor are to stay glue to non-toxic pet stain remover. People and pets that are environmentally sensitive might not want to perceive any aggressive or harsh odor, so it is good to mind the type of pet stain remover for that you purchase.

To assist you, we have listed our best pet stain remover 2020 for carpets that are top-selling in the market. Read further to discover more about them.

Aside from protecting your pet and kids from any harmful products, you might want to guide your furniture from being damaged by harsh chemicals. What you need is a chlorine-free pet stain cleaner that is safe on wood.

Mind you some pet stain removers are meant to treat pet stains only but cannot eliminate bad odor caused by pet’s feces, urine or vomit. For a solution to this, a pet stain remover with natural enzymatic bacteria destroyer is just the best.

The natural enzymatic bacteria destroyer is an ingredient in our list of best pet stain remover. You will discover this as you read on. See the guide for Carpet here.

However, eliminating odor is not just making the room smell nice again. It largely means persuading animals not to mess up a particular spot or same area again. For instance, most pets mark their urine spots, and that will attract them to come back to the soil again. Merely cleaning the pet’s mess might not do any good. So one of the best pet stain removers for carpets is needed. It will easily clean up the stained area without much human effort.

One surprising fact about these pet stain remover for carpet on our list is that they contain bacteria that can grow and multiply to fight against unwanted mess or odor till they are utterly wiped out.

5 Best Pet Stain Removers for Carpet

Top Pick Pet Stain RemoversGradePrice
Bissell Pet Power A+Check Price
Rocco and Roxie A+ Check Price
Nature’s MiracleA+ Check Price
Out! Pet Stain A+ Check Price
Bubbas SuperA Check Price

1. Bissell Pet Power


Key Features of the Bissell Pet Power

  • It has a pleasant odor eliminator system
  • Potential to discourage pets from visiting their pee marked areas 
  • Manufactured with an Oxygen activated spot and stain remover for carpets and rugs.
  • No harsh chemicals included.
  • Safe on any surface is used.

The Bissell Pet Power is the fourth-best pet stain remover for carpets on our list. Over the years, the powerful pet stain remover that has been in the market. It can eliminate both old and new pet stains and odor instantly. If you have any tough stain made by your pet, the Bissell Pet Power can handle it and make it clean as new no matter what caused the stain.

It is an oxygen-activated stain remover. With this feature, it can permanently remove stains and odor from any carpet. The Bissell Pet Power is safe for both pets and children. Also, it does not contain any hazardous content. Even the customers’ review speaks well about this product. 


  • The product does not leave any shiny surface after cleaning.
  • The smell is adorable and can neutralize bad odor quickly. 
  • The product can be used on any surface without having any discoloration.


  • The product is without a heater.

2. Rocco and Roxie

Rocco Roxie

Key features of Rocco & Roxie

  • It can remove stains, odor, and stench smell of any pet, it removes them all.
  • It contains natural enzymatic bacteria that fights actively against odor and stains.
  • The product is chlorine-free. It is safe around pets and kids playing around the house.
  • It works gently on surfaces with effective results.
  • It can work effectively on any surface it is used on – furniture, fabrics, floors, carpets, sleeping areas, and so on.
  • It is rated one of the best selling pet cleaners in the market.

Rocco and Roxie are also on our list due to its amazing features and effect. Pets are animals, so they are bound to behave like one. To control the stains and odor caused by pets, you will need this amazing product in the home. To restore the neatness and freshness in your home, you need a pet stain remover like the Rocco and Roxie.

They are very tough on stains and odors caused by pets. Rocco and Roxie have professional strength natural enzymatic formula in it that releases active bacteria into the air to fight lousy odor and clear out any stain. The bacteria released by Rocco and Roxie can feed on the ammonia residues that remain from pets’ urine and feces.

The Rocco and Roxie products can go as far as eliminating stains and odor from the deepest part of the carpet. Using this best pet stain remover will leave your floor, furniture, carpets, and other surfaces that it is used on as fresh as ever. This product can remove both humans, and pets stain totally from the house.

It is verified safe for kids, pets, and any surface it is used. It has considerable approval from the rug and carpet Institute (CRI). This product has a sure guarantee to do just exactly what it says it can do. Its professional-strength can tackle even yellow pet urine and feces. 


  • It can be used to fight tough stains and pretreat laundry also.
  • It has active enzymes and bacteria formula in its content.
  • Able to push out stench odor and old stains from carpets.


  • Some individuals, especially asthmatic patients, might not be able to handle the chemical smell.
  • On some surface, it tends to leave gummy or sticky residuals. It is good to confirm the surface before you start cleaning,
  • Some buyers made a complaint that it leaves a shimmering effect on their carpets. However, this does not limit the strength of the product.

3. Nature’s Miracle

Natures Miracle

Key Features of Nature’s Miracle

  • It has an excellent effect on all kinds of pet stains
  • Has the ability to eliminate stains and odor utterly.
  • It contains nature’s enzymes formula
  • Able to remove feces, drool, urine and any other pet’s messes

Nature’s Miracle is the first on our list of quality pet stain remover. It is a household brand that is reliable and trusted over the years to eliminate pets messes and stains. It has a reliable power to combat pet stain, odor, used as a disinfectant and some other benefits.

It discourages pets from going back to soil a particular area that was previously messed up because of its enzymatic power. The toughest stain can’t stand the effectiveness of Nature’s Miracle. It can freshen up the atmosphere with its lovely scent.

This pet stain remover can be used on hard floors, furniture, fabrics, and carpets though it is advised not to use this formula on untreated wood, suede, silk or wool fabric, and leather. All you need do is spray and witness the effectiveness of Nature’s Miracle.

After spraying, wipe out with a piece of cloth. This product is very safe to use in the home. If other kinds of pet stain remover had failed you before, this product is sure to amaze you. This safety feature is why Nature’s Miracle is listed in our top pet stain remover for carpet.


  • It is easy to use and removes stains in a few minutes.
  • It can be easily purchased, so you don’t have to go far to look for it.
  • It can remove both lousy odor and tough stain without any hassle.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Some users have complained that it takes some time to work correctly. But that doesn’t change its effectiveness.

4 Out! Pet Stain


Key Features of the Out! Pet Stain

  • Multi-purpose usage.
  • It has active bacteria that fights odor and stain on contact.
  • Safe for both kids and children at home.

The Out! Pet Stain is another fantastic product on our list of best pet stain remover. The Out! Pet Stain, just like its name, has absolute power on stains and bad odors caused by pets. It can remove old and tough stains and odors caused by pets’ messes around the house.

Buyers of the Out! Pet Stain has been leaving a fantastic review of this product. It is a standard multi-purpose cleaner that can work correctly on any stains. The products have active bacteria enzymes that destroy stains and eliminate odors on contact.

One lovely fact about all the products on our pet stain remover list is that they are safe for pets and kids at home. The Out! Pet Stain can be used on carpets, fabrics, bedding, and even bricks. It discourages pets from peeing in the same spot. The lovely scent is another thing to count. If you have any stubborn pet stain and odor at home, try the Out! Pet Stain for a remarkable result.


  • Can be used on several surfaces
  • Safe on animals and kids
  • It has an active bacteria in its content that fights odor and stain on contact.


  • It might not be useful for cleaning of the vast area. The Out! Pet Stain does not reduce its effectiveness.

5. Bubbas Super


Key Features of the Bubbas Super

  • High adequate power on stains and odor compared to most pet stain removers in the market.
  • Safe for kids and pets.
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Useful and active bacteria for pet stains and odor,
  • The Carpet and Rug Institute approve it as a reliable and trusted brand.

The Bubbas Super is part of our best pet stain removers for carpets. Its power and effectiveness are highly recognized. The Carpet and Rugs Institute has awarded its certification for its outstanding performance. This product is not comparable to most of the pet stain removers in the market.

It has an enzyme that removes strong stain and odor from any surface. The product is best for eliminating longtime pet stain and stench odor. It comes in a portable container, and it can be used in a steam machine and best for cleaning carpets.

One fact about the Bubbas pet cleaner is that it utilizes bacteria to fight stains. The bacteria become more active when it comes in contact with any stain. It can also fight against the cat’s pee. From some of the buyers’ reviews it was discovered that what some pet stain remover could not clean, the Bubbas Super pet stain remover can easily wipe it off. 


  • It has a strong effect on eliminating long time stains and pets’ odor in a few minutes.
  • It has active bacteria that fight against stains and odor when they come in contact.


  • One might need to add an extra effort to get an excellent clean on their carpets.

Buying Guide of The Best Pet Stain Remover for Carpets

We have read it all about the best pet stain remover. Now, the next thing to do, especially for pet owners who want a clean surrounding that is free from pets’ messes is going for one of the pet stain removers on our list. Before you carry out such action, you need to consider a few things.

It is our duty as pet owners to keep our surroundings clean with the right choice of stain remover. The following are some essential facts to look out for before thinking of getting one of the best pet stain removers for carpets. Tips for carpet this link. Pet stain Remover Solution.

Select the suitable one for you: Yes, there are several types of pet stain remover in the market.

So you have to be careful in choosing the one that can be effective in different areas of your choice. Also, a full-size pet stain cleaner should be the best for you.

  • Confirm its safety: check out if the product is safe for your kids if you have them around and your pets too.
  • Look out for the price: Check the price for the pet stain remover if it measures up to your budget.
  • Buy remover with active bacteria: Pet stains remover without an active bacteria is not recommended. Look for the ones with an active bacteria in its content.

However, the work has been done for you already. So, you can choose from our list of best pet stain remover for carpets.


We all as pet lovers should not allow our house to be messed up with pets’ stains and odor. It is not a pleasant sight for our visitors to behold. Knowing how to select the right product shouldn’t be a stress for you after going through this article.

We have highlighted the top best pet stain remover for carpets. These are the best as far as pet stain, and odor remover is a concern. Make good use of this information and pass it to your neighbor if need be. Endeavor to buy from the right seller so as not to end up losing your money to fake vendors. Have a lovely surrounding that is free from pets’ stain and odor.