Miracle Blade III Perfection Series Review

The Miracle Blade III Perfection Series contains 11 pieces of cutlery that is: two slicers, one paring knife, one filet knife, one chop and scoop knife, four steak knives, one juicer knife one rock and chop knife plus one juicer knife.

Miracle Blade III reviews

The blades are made of German-made stainless steel. Their edges are made in a way that they can remain sharp for a very long time. The handles are black in color and well rounded and strong enough to offer firm grip when using it.

The set also comes with a booklet containing tips and instructions on how to use each of these knives. There are also lists of recipes prepared by Chef Tony to help home cooks on how to prepare different types of foodstuff. Since miracle knives were manufactured first, about twelve million knives have been sold. The reason why they have managed to sell so many knives is their ability to manufacture high quality knives that can withstand the challenges of kitchen work. These knives handle all kitchen chores such as slicing bread, chopping meat, cutting vegetables among others.

These knives are really sharp and can stay for over ten years without being re-sharpened. They cut through veggies and meat as easy as cutting through butter. One specific knife that is praised for its good job is the slicer knife. It delivers on its promise of slicing turkey, ham and carving roasts without losing its sharpness. Those who are considering buying the set should make good use of the slide-on cardboard that is included or buy a knife block as their cutting edges are really sharp and can injure people if kept carelessly. They have a lifetime guarantee. What this means is that they last for a life time and you may not need to buy another set for the rest of your life. With less that $20 you can get this cutlery making it the cheapest of the knives within its range.

You can also buy this set and give it to somebody as a gift. You do not have to spend millions looking for an expensive gift to surprise your friend, wife or your mother, Miracle blade III is the perfect choice for this purpose. The knife can be cleaned with hands although it is also safe to use a dish washer machine.

Some people who have bought this set are not very happy with the paring knife. They claim that it is not easy to control but the rest of the cutlery is awesome. Another shortcoming about this set is as they say, is that the rock and chop sometimes corrode slightly near the handle if not properly handled. Others say that the knives are light in weight and not well balanced.

As it is the case with all cutleries, these knives should be cleaned after use and dried properly with a dry towel before storing them to make them durable. The knives should not be mixed with other utensils as they dull the cutting edges.

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