Mundial 5100 Series 7-Piece Knife Set with Block Review

Mundial 5100 Series 7-Piece Knife Set is a product of Brazil. Included in the cutlery set is: a three and a half inches paring knife, a six inches utility knife with a serrated edge, 8 inches chef’s knife, eight-inch bread knife with a serrated edge, ten inches blade sharpening steel, kitchen shears and a storage block with nine slots. The total weight of the set is about 7.1 pounds but the shipping package weighs about 10 pounds.

Mundial Knife Review

The blades are forged thereby giving the knife the weight it deserves while also making them well balanced. Unlike other types, their tangs run all the way up to the end of the handles. They have high quality blades made of high carbon stainless steel. Their polyacetal handles are firmly fixed to the tang with three strong metal rivets something that gives the knife a firm grip. This enables the user to be in full control of the knife. The butts are well rounded making them ideal for crushing veggies into small pieces.

The spine or the back of the knives are made flush with the handles and therefore cannot cause blisters on the hands. They give the handles a comfortable touch while also giving their user full control. This is because you can comfortably exert pressure while cutting food by pressing the fore or the pointing finger on it.

The knives also have strong bolsters which not only strengthens the blades but also enable one to cut hard pieces of foodstuff. Their blade tips are sharp and pointed making them ideal for cutting thin strips of food, curving, incising and slitting chicken breasts or pork chops.

Since their blades are forged from one piece of stainless steel metal, their blades are strong enough to withstand any kitchen job and making them a perfect choice both for chefs and ordinary cooks. The edges are razor-sharp and retain sharpness for long but in case they get dulled, though rare, there is a ten-inch sharpening steel metal included in the package that can be used to sharpen them. To protect and preserve the quality of the blades, they should only be hand-washed.

The cost of buying this set is highly competitive. You cannot get the same set of Wusthof or Shun with the same money that can buy Mundial 5100 series but this does not mean that their quality is compromised. The set is a perfect choice for a wedding gift and can be given to newly married couples to equip their new kitchen with essential cutleries.

One of the things customers complain about this Mundial 5100 knife set is that the packet contains misleading information. The manufacturers indicate that there are 7-pieces making potential customers to think that there are seven knives but the reality is that, they are only six. In fact, the seventh item is the block set.

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