Saber Knives Review 2020

Saber Knives Review: Saber F-12 chef knives have steel blades made in Germany. Unlike other knife sets that have half tangs, Saber F-12 set has full tangs and hence its name ‘Full tang German steel’. Saber knives can be used by anybody, whether a professional or a home cook. They were designed to provide cooks with an alternative to the highly expensive knives in the market. All the knives in the set are of superior quality and are made by forging and hence the knives are durable and can withstand challenges of kitchen jobs. Generally, the knives are hard and flexible enough to break and yet, soft enough to sharpen.

Saber Knives reviews

The full tang in the handles makes the knives strong and balanced. They have a bolster between the handle and the heel which gives this knife stability and strength. They give the knives a balanced touch making them efficient to everyone irrespective of their body size. The butts of the handles are rounded and can be used for crushing small pieces of vegetables.

Just like the handles of the Mundial 5100 Series Knife Set, the handles of the F-12 full tang knives are riveted to the handles with three rivets. This makes the handles comfortable and enables the user to have a firm grip. They are also tight enough not to leave spaces that can accommodate debris or bacteria.

Like it is the case with all forged knives, Saber Knives Review  F-12 Full tang knives can handle any kitchen work, be it heavy or light. All you need to do is to choose the right knife for the job. Basically, they are used to chop meat and vegetables, to mince meat, to cut slices, to remove seeds from fruits, to slit bones etc. Again, this knife set just like it is the case with Henckels, Shun and Wusthof knife sets, Saber knives are super sharp and keep their sharpness for quite a long time. Most of the knives in the set have sharp pointed blades making them ideal for cutting small pieces of veggies while there is one with a rounded tip. Also included in the set is a sharpening steel and a high quality black bag for carrying the pieces.

Many people who have bought this set say it is a better deal than the knife sets in the same category such as: the Chicago knife set, Shun, Ginsu, Wusthof and Henckels.

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