Shun DMS0910 Classic Chef Knife Review

Though the Shun DMS0910 Classic 9-piece block set is said to contain 9-pieces, not all the items in it are knives. For clarity, the items included are: a two and a half inches beak knife, a three and a half inches paring knife, a utility knife of six inches, a chief’s knife of eight inches, slicing knife of 9 inches, 9 inches bread knife, one pair of shears, a honing steel for sharpening the blades and a bamboo storage for keeping your knives organized and safe. This set of knives is ideal for newly wedded couples. It would provide them with all essential kitchen knives.

shun DM2004B classic chef knife review

The set is a collection of Japanese knives manufactured by KAI Company. The blades of this set are made by forging. The blades are quite thin and this combined with their razor sharp edge, it makes most kitchen tasks easier. Their hardness rating is of between 60 and 61 and this enables them to maintain its sharpness for quite a long time but if its cutting edge gets blunt, you can sharpen it with the sharpening honing steel that is included in the set. It has unique features that capture the interest of any potential buyers. One of the most notable features is its VG 10 stainless steel blade made of sixteen layers high carbon steel (SUS410) on each side. In its look, this set resembles Damascus although different in that it does not have rusting problems as it is the case with Damascus.

Shun DM2004B Classic 9-Piece Knife Set

The knives in this set have D-shaped handles made of Pakkawood, beautifully blended with resin and hardwood. The grain patterns on the handles not only give the knife an appealing look but also make it smooth. The knives have a cap at the end of the cutting blade that gives then an attractive touch. When it comes to washing these knives, they should be washed manually although you can also use a dish-washer.

Another notable feature that is associated with this knife is its ability to retain its sharpness for a long time. This is courtesy of the Japanese super steel used to make its blade. Unlike the traditional European blades which are sharpened to an angle of between 20 and 22, Shun classic cutlery boasts of 16 degrees making it the sharpest of all. The 16 layers of the Damascus steel used in its blade make it strong, flexible and rust free. It also makes this knife easy to maintain.

Though most reviews done about this knife indicate that it keeps its sharpness for long, some people who have used it say that it needs to be sharpened regularly to get maximum results, probably on a weekly basis. Some people complain that the packaging of the shipping sets is wanting. They say it does not contain the sharpness of these knives and therefore one should be careful when handling them. Another thing that people have been complaining about this knife is the quality of the pair of shears included in the set. Some say it is not from Shun but looks like a cheap product from a different company.

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