Shun Edo 10-Piece Knife Block Set Review

Shun Edo 10-Piece Knife Set Review: From the ergonomics of the handle to the geometry of the blades, no doubt the Shun Edo knife set was designed to give its users precision and power. Anybody who has bought this set will attest that the way the handle is designed and the way it fits in the hand, it must have been made to offer the user superlative control and comfort. In this 10-piece set you will find six of the most popular Edo kitchen knives, a sharpening steel file plus a bamboo block for storing the knives.

 Shun Edo 10-Piece Knife Set Reviews

The blades are forged from one piece of VG-10 super steel carbon. They are well balanced to handle all types of kitchen work. They also have a bolster that makes the knives really strong. Their blades’ ‘tsuchime’ hammered finishing leaves some air pockets that prevent the food from sticking to the knife.

Just like the resin- impregnated Pakkawood handles of the Shun Classic 10-Piece Block Set, this set also has resin –Pakkawood handles making the knife firm and stable. The only difference with these handles is that they have a round-shape.

Unlike other traditional European made knives which have about 21 to 22 degrees sharpened edge, the Shun Edo knives have 16 degrees giving them a razor-sharp cutting edge. The blades are able to stay sharp even after using them for a long time but if by any chance they get dulled then you do not have to worry as there is a honing steel file included in the set. To protect the cutting edges, never mix them together with other kitchen wares as they will rub against each other and blunt them. Remember also to clean knives after using and dry them properly before keeping them in the block.

Another unique feature with these knives is their wide bolsters which enables the user to grip the knives firmly while at the same time preventing food from coming into contact with hands. Their widened bolsters enable any user independent of their height to use them comfortably. They also make the knives strong and heavy enough to handle any type of kitchen work. These knives are made for everybody. Whether you are a professional or a simple cook, you can use the knives comfortably.

Though the handles are round-shaped, their butts are flat-shaped giving the knives an extra tool for crushing small ingredients and unlike it is the case with the Saber F-12 knives and the Mundial 1500 knife set where handles are fixed with three metal rivets, the Shun Edo knives’ handles are moulded to the tang. Another thing is that their tangs are well covered and therefore you cannot tell whether they are half or full.

Customers that complain about this knife set talk about the bulkiness of the horizontal knife block but not about the quality of the knives. There is consensus amongst them that the knives are super sharp and that handles are as comfortable as those of Shun knife set. They also agree that the price of this set is also less than what other knife sets within the same range cost. we recently review Best Knife Sharpener, you can read it.

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