Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Signature Knife 19-Piece Block Set Review

Few knife sets can compare with the completeness of the Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Signature Knife 19-Piece Block Set. In addition to eight non-serrated steak knives that look and function wonderfully during meals, the set also includes the basic paring knife, chef or cook’s knife, and the long bread knife. Some of the other knives that are in this set, like the Santoku and peeler, are more commonly found in kitchens of experienced chefs.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Reviews

Along with the various knives, there are a kitchen shears that come in quite handy for use in snipping herbs or even trimming the ends of stems of flowers. Everything is perfectly organized in the bamboo wood storage block, including the shears and the sharpening steel that efficiently hones the edges of the blades in between sharpening. The exquisite blades are constructed in Germany out of high carbon stainless steel that is stamped rather than forged. Among other things, this signifies that these knives are without the bolsters that found on some knives. After the specific shapes of the blades are formed, the blades are ice hardened as part of the manufacturing process.

The thin cutting edge of each blade is easily sharpened and it will remain acute for the duration of the knife’s life. As the stainless steel continues toward the butt end of the knife, it is thinned out and formed into the long tang of the knife. The tang conforms in shape to that of the ergonomically shaped handle. Since the tang is the full size of the handle, it adds some extra weight to the handle end of the knife which counterbalance the heaviness of the blade. Three well placed rivets are traditional for this type of knife. They are used to add strength to the bonding between the tang and the other parts of the knife handle. These rivets are well set and leave no crevices where bacteria could flourish. There are also no crevices anywhere else along the joining of the tang and handle parts.

This makes these knives easy to keep clean and safe for food preparation. However, it is unwise to clean them in an automatic dishwasher because the knives as well as the lining of the dishwasher could be damaged by the high powered water streams forcing the knives to move around inside the dishwasher. Instead, the knives in this set should be washed by hand, individually, and then dried and replaced in their appropriate slots in the knife block. The precise construction and easy grip of the knives in this set leave little to be desired. They are well-balanced, comfortable, and perform all types of food preparation with no difficulties.

More experienced chefs will enjoy the variety of size and specialty of the many knives in the set and those that are new to food preparation will discover the wonder of having the proper knife for each task readily available. Recently we review.
Ja Henckels Knife. Let’s check it features.

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