Doosl Hearing Aids | Rechargeable & Noise Cancelling Device

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Type: Hearing Amplifiers/Aids
Model: 1206
Color: Silver
Max sound out put:129+/- 3dB
Sound gain:>= 40dB+/- 5dB
Total harmonic wave distortion:<= 10%
Frequency range:450-3400MHz
Input Noise:<=32dB
Full charging time: about 6 hours
Working time: 48 hours


Doosl rechargeable digital hearing amplifiers, a personal sound aid device suitable for seniors and adults, it is designed to let your hearing better.

Upgraded hearing aids:
44.8% Improvement Compared To The Previous Generation. RIC Design Reduces The Chance Of Howling And Is Not Easy To Fall Off, Strengthen The Surrounding Vocals, Weaken The Environmental Noise, Advanced noise-canceling, feedback suppression & background reduction.

This Is a USB Rechargeable Personal Sound Amplifier, So You Don’t Have To Think About Where To Put The Button Battery. It Can Work For 40 Hours After Charging For 6 Hours. Tips: Too Long Term Charging Will Shorten Battery Life.

Easy To Use:
One Button To Adjust The Volume, One Button To Adjust The Channel And Switch Off/On, You Can Choose According To Different Environments.

Comfortable To Wear:
The hearing amplifier adopts a humanized arc design, which is comfortable and not easy to fall. Lightweight and small size, 0.25 Ounce, TPE Material Is Soft And Elastic

Plenty of Accessories:
4 pcs earplugs for different sizes of ears, brush for cleaning, USB cable for charging.

Package Included:
1 x Hearing Amplifiers
4 x Earplugs
1 x Brush
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x User Manual

There will be high pitching sound/whistling if you did not use the hearing instrument correctly, and it’s common for all kinds of hearing amplifiers and hearing instruments.

To get rid of the whistling, please follow our instructions about the insertion and adjustment:
1. Set the volume at the lowest level.
2. Choose the most comfortable ear dome for your ear. Make sure there is no air go through your ear canal.
3. Wear the hearing amplifier before turning on the device.
4. Adjust the volume according to the environment until you can hear clearly.

  • Clear Sound Quality
  • Enhance your hearing
  • Lightweight And Comfortable
  • Easy To Operate
  • Rechargeable