Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower 2020

Are you living in an environment with the veranda covered with dead grasses and fallen leaves? Note that before the leaves wither and start to litter around your yard, you have to do the needful. Getting one of the best battery powered leaf blower 2020 is just what you need. With this, you can make a quick clean up without wasting your precious time.

Raking leaves with rakes can be effective but time taking and it consumes a lot of human effort. With a good blower, you can easily gather the fallen leaves and get it ready to be mulched or to be collected into a bag. Leaf blowers can suck in debris as well as used to collect debris in a particular area for mulching or for any purpose according to your desire.

Battery powered blowers that are beneficial to you. With lesser sounds and portability you are set to clean on the go. Note that the battery powered leaf blowers can be a bit heavier. Make sure you check out for the ones that you can perfectly handle. Also as stated earlier, note that the blowers varies. In this article, we have helped you to search for the battery powered blowers that are most needed in the market with good customer reviews. Read on to learn more.

10 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Product NameGradePrice
Greenworks 40VA+Check Price
Greenworks Pro GBL80320A+ Check Price
DEWALT DCBL720P1A+ Check Price
Zombi ZLB5817A+ Check Price
Greenworks PRO 80VA+ Check Price
WORX WG545.4A+ Check Price
Toro 51585A+ Check Price
EGO Power+ 480A+ Check Price
Ryobi 150ACheck Price

1. Greenworks 40V

Key Features of Greenworks 40V

  • Brushless motor
  • 40V 4.0Ah Li-ion model 29472 battery
  • 185 mph speed
  • 340 CFM capacity
  • It includes G-MAX 40V Cordless Digipro Blower/Vacuum, blower tube, concentrator tip, vacuum tube, collection bag, 4Ah battery, battery charger, owner’s manual

This is one of the best batteries powered leaf blowers on our list. It can fit in the place of gas or electric powered blowers. The Greenworks 40V is perfect for average cleaning in your compound. It is best for blowing and gathering of leaves and debris. With this machine, you can get your work done quicker than manually.

As listed in the key features, its speed is up to 150 MPH. It is almost noiseless making it save for your environment and neighborhood. You don’t need to start pulling or just like the gas leaf blower or shortage of cord as in electric leaf blower. It comes with a lithium-ion battery. Using this machine will keep your surroundings clean just as you want.

It can be easily stored. With just a charge the leaf blower can help you get the work done in a stretch. It is constructed with a 2-piece blower tube. This aids the machine to have more control during blowing, sweeping and gathering. One good thing about this machine is that it has moderately low maintenance and can be very easy to use even for the first time. It has the necessary tools that will enable a smooth work for you and with good maintenance the machine will last and worth every penny.


  • The machine can be used anywhere without interfering with any other object because of its adjustable speed.
  • It is very portable and lightweight. This makes it perfect to use in narrow spaces.
  • It is almost noiseless and easy to use. This makes the environment-friendly blower.


  • This leafblower machine is unable to blow or suck in damp grass or leaves. It does not have the power to do that.  

2. Greenworks Pro GBL80320

Key Features of the Greenworks Pro GBL80320

  • It utilizes an 80V Li-Ion System which marks it as the most powerful battery powered leaf blower available in the market.
  • It is equipped with the needed tools for generating maximum productivity that is equivalent to a 32cc gas engine.
  • It can blow through dry or wet leaves with its powerful 500 CFM of airflow.
  • It has an easy 3-speed push button coupled with an adjustable speed action that delivers on-demand power for up to 125 MPH.
  • 70 minutes of work time with fully charged 2AH battery

GreenWorks is a gas equivalent. Its commercial grade and features have made it a part of our best battery leaf blower. It is a huge revolution in terms of outdoor power equipment which begins with the GreenWorks Pro Li-ion Max system. It is combined with a DigiPro Brushless motor that has the highest voltage.

It can be compared to a gas-powered leaf blower. It is cordless and very valuable in terms of outdoor powered tool system in the blower industry. It is very portable and lightweight. It makes low or lesser noise and its environmentally friendly. With this machine, professionals can now get their work done with a simple battery power blower.

All necessary gears for the smooth operation are just within reach. With just the click of a button, the work gets done. Saves time and human effort. With just a single charge, the battery can take care of the whole work. GreenWorks Pro 80V is made with a Jet Blower, 18-inch Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer, Lawn Mower, and String Trimmer. The blower GreenWorks is not just an ordinary tool, it is a whole life for the user. The machine provides tools for low budget maintenance and has fewer breakdowns and repairs.


  • It has balanced longevity when it is put on.  
  • The engine is a reliable one and a powerful one.
  • It can work perfectly even in the snow and wet debris.


  • The Battery is not included in the package.
  • It has a high power usage which can quickly drain its battery power.


Key Features of the DEWALT DCBL720P1

  • It has a 400CFM power that can go up to 90 mph airspeeds.
  • Crafted with an innovative axial fan that is made to aid a maximum air output and runtime.
  • Made with a brushless motor that improves efficiency and durability.
  • 20V Max 5.0Ah Lithium battery.
  • Portable and has an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • Adjustable speed for different surfaces.

This DEWALT DCBL720P1 is added to our battery powered leaf blower for many reasons. It is just one of the best that is needed in the home. It has all the needed tools and systems needed to make the work go very smoothly and enjoyable. It makes less noise making it environmentally friendly and very easy to use even for a learner. More Leaf Blower review here.

The system has a low maintenance budget. Lightweight and affordable. It is manufactured with a system for adjustable speed and can work efficiently on different surfaces. Its handle is safe for your comfort because it is ergonomic. The DEWALT DCBL720P1 has a 20V Max 5.0Ah Lithium battery that powers it. Its innovative axial fan is made to provide a maximum air output and runtime.

The Brushless Motor technology helps to improve the efficiency and durability. This is a handheld DEWALT DCBL720P1 blower that is convenient to maneuver. With this feature, you can go about cleaning inside and around your home with the blower. External cords can be a major issue going all around the compound. The amazing fact is that the Dewalt brand gives a great option of cordless leaf blowers to choose from.


  • The machine can be started easily without much effort.
  • It is able to give a big blow that will clean a large portion of the area.
  • A controllable and balanced speed that aids to increase the airflow when much power is needed.
  • It is made with safety consciousness.
  • A great leaf blower for small and medium-sized compounds, driveways and paths included.


  • It is unable to clean heavier dirt such as wet debris or clogged drainage.
  • The battery is easily drained by the throttle speed.


Key Features of  BLACK+DECKER LSW36

  • Built with a 40V Lithium-ion battery that is able to last for a long time.
  • Quick charge in about 1 hour.
  • It has a simple that is able to control speed for maximum time.
  • Ability to clear debris from decks walkways and other kinds of hard surfaces.
  • It has a blow tube with an inbuilt scrapper that aids to loosen hard debris.
  • An ergonomic handle for comfort.

The BLACK+DECKER LSW36 40V Lithium-Ion leaf blower is also on our list of the It’s. It helps to easily clear hard debris from hard surfaces like decks, walkways, etc. It is made with a soft ergonomic handle that enables easy and effortless control. The blow tube scrapper also aids to loosen matted debris or stuck leaves easily. It has an airspeed of 120 mph. This is also a cordless one. Fast charging process and Lithium-ion battery included.


  • 120 mph airspeed.
  • Lithium-ion battery power.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Blow tube with inbuilt scrapper.
  • Adjustable power control.
  • Long battery life span.


  • Has too many vibrations.
  • Less ergonomic handle.
  • Louder than its range of leaf blower but still environmentally friendly.

5. Zombi ZLB5817

Key Features of Zombi ZLB5817

  • 58V 4Ah Lithium Battery
  • A Brushless motor that offers efficiency and durability.
  • Low maintenance.
  • An adjustable speed.
  • Low noise.

This is another set of the best leaf blower on this list. It has a Brushless Motor built with a turbo booster that makes up a faster cleanup. It has a 58V that powers up the Brushless motor with a 4Ah battery. This leaf blower is efficient and powerful. The battery is a Lithium-ion making it a kind that lasts longer.

The Zombi ZLB5817 leaf blower is portable and noiseless making it environmentally friendly. Good for a low maintenance budget. It is cordless and a good solution to all your outdoor cleanup, you can read full review of cordless blower here. It is manufactured with a speed regulator system that is able to accelerate and decelerate its speed. This is made easy with a simple speed and turbo button that is very easy to operate.


  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Its tube performs very well.
  • Made with an ergonomic handle for comfortable usage.
  • Fast battery charge.


  • The machine though portable but heavy.
  • Also, it has a heavy battery.

6. Greenworks PRO 80V

Key Features of the Greenworks PRO 80V

  • Has a long time usage after fully charged.
  • Brushless Motor for effective and efficient delivery and performance.
  • With the 500cfm and 120 mph, it can blow through any kind of leaf or debris.
  • Lightweight and environmentally friendly.
  • Quiet noise
  • 80V 2Ah Li-Ion battery

Here is another GreenWorks product on our list of the leaf blower. This brand is known for manufacturing great products. The Greenworks PRO 80V is part of the revolution for outdoor power equipment with an 80V Li-Ion Max system. Its commercial grade and features have made it a part of our list. It is a huge revolution in terms of outdoor power equipment which begins with the GreenWorks Pro Li-ion Max system.

This is combined with a DigiPro Brushless motor that has the highest voltage. It can be compared to a gas powered leaf blower. It is cordless and very valuable in terms of outdoor powered tool system in the blower industry. It is a very portable and lightweight leaf. Makes a low or lesser noise and its environmentally friendly.

With this machine, professionals can now get their work done with a simple battery power blower. All necessary gears for the smooth operation are just within reach. With just the click of a button, the work gets done. Saves time and human effort. With just a single charge, the battery can take care of the whole work. GreenWorks Pro 80V is made with a Jet Blower, 18-inch Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer, Lawn Mower, and String Trimmer. The GreenWorks is not just an ordinary tool, it is a whole life for the user. The machine provides tools for low budget maintenance and has fewer breakdowns and repairs.


  • Noiseless operation.
  • A Brushless Motor.
  • Control well balanced.
  • Great chain acceleration.


  • The run time is short because of the 2Ah battery.

7. WORX WG545.4

Key Features of WORX WG545.4

  • Ability to clean any debris as fast as possible.
  • 80CFM and speed 120mph.
  • 20V battery.
  • Tools to make work easier are attached.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good for hard surface.

The WORX WG545.4 is able to handle different kinds of work for you. A leaf blower and sweeper with attachable tools to make the cleaning perfect. Utilizing the WORX WG545.4, all dirt and debris littered all around your yard and inside your house will be a thing of the past.

You don’t need to start moving your properties to clean up the house or yard because this WORX WG545.4 has the power to suck up and blow out every hidden dirt or debris. High capacity 20V Lithium battery cordless leaf blower. With different kinds of attachments, you have no choice but to enjoy a stressless and convenient cleaning all the way. It can clear, clean, dust, deflate, inflate and even dry stuff on the home.

This is an ultra-fast cleaning system with a multi-purpose function. The nozzle can be used to clean mattresses and even pool toys. Can be used to clean car tires, wheels, and even an entire car exterior and interior. It is an excellent tool for cleaning spider webs and dust around the home. The nozzle is able to give out a wide blow of air for drying. Why won’t this be a home choice for anyone?


  • Very easy to use and lightweight.
  • Up to 8 attachment for easy cleaning.
  • It has a multi-purpose function.
  • Portable and easy maneuverability.
  • 120 mph speed level.
  • Effective dust brush for cleaning.


  • The battery doesn’t last long even when charged well.

8. Toro 51585

Key Features of Toro 51585

  • It is a lightweight machine and very easy to use.
  • It is manufactured with a 2-speed monitor.
  • It has a very low maintenance system.
  • 160mph speed.
  • It is equipped with a fast setting to help finish up work in time.

The Toro 51585 leaf blower is listed on our best battery leaf because of its wonderful features. This has the ability to release a powerful airspeed of 160mph at 155CFM. It is a perfect one for clearing of debris and dirt from decks, driveways, and sidewalks. Note that this is a handheld leaf blower. It has a power sweep that is inbuilt and it is very easy to maneuver around the cleaning space.

It is a lightweight machine and very easy to maintain. Its powerful speed is being controlled by a two-speed air control system. The control speed button is located close to the thumb where it can be easily regulated. Even in tight cleaning spaces, the low airspeed can still work perfectly fine. With the high-speed system, work can get done almost immediately. The speed control on this machine is needed for excellent versatility.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Its lightweight makes it easy to maneuver around the cleaning space
  • It has a good air control mechanism and a powerful speed monitor.


  • The Toro 51585 is without a power cord

9. EGO Power+ 480

Key Features of the EGO Power+ 480

  • It has a high-efficiency brushless motor.
  • It has a lightweight design.
  • Made with Turbine Fan Engineering.
  • Has a Weather Resistant Construction.
  • Made with 2.0Ah and 2.5Ah 56V Lithium battery.
  • Noiseless feature and environment-friendly.

Another high rated battery leaf blower on our list is the EGO Power+ 480. It has the most standard rechargeable blower in the market. It performs better than premium gas-powered models. It is able to deliver the same performance of a gas blower. The amazing fact is that this is noiseless, without fuss and fumes. It is also rated high because of its turbine fan engineering system.

This particular machine is inspired by expert aeronautics technology. It is constructed to deliver industry-leading power. Ther EGO Power+ 480, has a high-efficiency brushless motor that is able to deliver a lightweight and compact design for a longer period of work. The system also reduces vibration and prolong the work-life of the motor. One important fact to note is that the EGO Power+ 480 is the first cordless blower that will perform better than a gas leaf blower. Want to know more about gas blower? Click here.


  • The machine is lightweight and very easy to make use of.
  • Very easy to charge.
  • The operator buttons are placed in the right position for easy access.


  • This machine might not be effective in larger areas.
  • It produces more noise when charging the battery

10. Ryobi 150

Key Features of the Ryobi 150

  • It is Cordless
  • Has 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Blower
  • Adjustable speed trigger

This Ryobi leaf blower is another best battery blower on our list. Physically, it looks small compared to the other leaf blowers in its category. But the honest fact is that works excellently well and produces the required power needed to get the job done. The literally little machine is able to produce 150CFM and its wind can go as far as 150MPH.

This is a fascinating quality that keeps customers coming back to this product. It can be utilized in the office, sidewalk, front and backyard, and in the home. Operating this machine is not complicated since it is lightweight and can be maneuver in any corner. It can be used for a long time at a stretch without stressing the user.

This mechanism depends on a 40V lithium-ion battery to generate maximum power. It is less difficult to operate because the controls are well placed where the hand can easily reach. Most comfortable, the handle is ergonomic, helping you to avoid blisters on your palms. The machine can be used as a blower and also as a sweeper. All you need to do is just to switch to the mode you want to make use of and you are on the go to get the debris tidied.


  • This leaf blower is easy to operate and control.
  • It produces less noise and environment-friendly.
  • It can work for a longer time in one charge. Helping you to cover a wide length.


  • It has a small nozzle.

Buying Guide for Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

At this point there, to get the best out of the leaf blower you want to purchase, note that there are certain features that you need to consider. There are many blowers in the market and without proper check and survey you might end up buying the ones that will disturb your neighborhood.

But the battery-powered blower is much quieter than the other types of blowers out there. There are numerous advantages of using the battery powered blower. That is the more reason we have to make out our list of the blower. Here are some of the most important features you should consider before stepping out to purchase your own battery powered leaf blower.

Power Controller

This feature is very important because it regulates the speed of the leaf blower. With this, you can adjust the power level of the blower so that the battery life can be extended. This feature that adjusts speed is far better than the type that permits a solitary steady speed. Learn about Best Vacuum for Area Rugs here.

Air Flow

Look out for a leaf blower with enough airflow. This feature is a major one to consider. This is specified by both volume and speed. So, try not to ignore this feature for anything.

Quality Tube

The tube of a leaf blower is important too. Without the tube, you won’t be able to clean up dirt and debris properly. So, you should make sure that the tube is strong and effective when it comes to cleaning up leaves and debris.

Battery Longevity

Without the battery, there is no battery powered leaf blower, just as the name implies. These blowers depend on their batteries. If the battery is not strong enough then you might not be able to finish up your work. Also, you might not be able to clean up anything properly as you wish. So, look out for the leaf blowers with good, strong and long-lasting batteries. You can check them out on our list of best battery leaf blowers.


Another vital thing you need to consider when purchasing a battery powered leaf blower is the convenience. Buy the one you find easy to control and maneuver. If you don’t find maximum comfort with the leaf blower you intend to buy, leave it.


Always watch out for your own personal protection. Leaf blowers can easily cause damage to your eyes or eardrums. So, always think your protection first.


Following all that has been put together in our best battery powered leaf blower, you will see that we have been able to cover up all the work for you. Battery powered blower is a very useful item to have in every home. The fact is that this is better than the gas blower in most cases.

We have discussed the blowers and all you need to know about them. Go through the pros, cons, and features set before you. Follow up on all the instructions and leverage on them to get the blower for your use. We wish you the very best and make sure you choose the right vendor for your purchase to avoid loss.

You can get best blowers that are powered by batteries, gas or electricity. However, the leaf powered by gas and electricity might not be the best for you. They have a few disadvantages that would turn you off. The best battery-powered blowers 2020 are just the best for you. They allow you the freedom needed to carry out the cleaning and makes minimal noise making it friendly for your environment.

Sure this top battery powered leaf blower article is just what you need to read through. Though, battery-powered blowers vary in size, power, and capacity. There are handheld leaf blowers which probably are the most common. Also, there are wheeled and walk behind, all powered by batteries. These are very effective leaf blowers.