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Necessities of Handheld Vacuum

Necessities of Handheld Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner has changed the way that we clean our homes. Evolving from the simplistic days of the broom and dustpan, the vacuum is the ultimate tool for sucking up just about any piece of dirt and debris that you can think of.

Now, the problem with most vacuum cleaners is that they are loud and very heavy example: shark vacuum, which is why the handheld vacuum has become such a commonplace element in many of our homes, offering a way to clean out your vehicles and the hard to reach parts of your home with ease.

Most consumers still don’t understand some of the differences between a handheld vacuum and an upright model, and it can seem like a confusing purchase if you don’t require a smaller vacuum cleaner. But, there are always going to be jobs that a handheld vacuum can handle.

From cleaning your kitchen flooring to sucking up cat litter, a handheld vacuum is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal. Not to mention the fact that handheld vacuum cleaners are more energy-efficient to use and oftentimes can tackle wet and dry jobs at the same time. Read on below as we take a look at the necessities of a handheld vacuum.

Automotive Clean Up

This should be an obvious job for a handheld vacuum, cleaning out your vehicle is something that we all do on our day off. As such, lugging a heavy shop vacuum outside to clean your vehicle out can be a tiring event, and who wants to spend all of their spare change at a car wash vacuum cleaner?

Most handheld vacuums that are on the market nowadays offer some sort of extension that can be used for automotive interiors, which makes these lightweight vacuums the ideal partner to tackle a dirty vehicle with.

Depending on what your needs are, there are handheld vacuums that will plug directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, which is incredibly handy. If you have young children or pets that ride in your vehicle, a handheld vacuum is a must-have accessory for your vehicle, and you can use it in your home as well.

Kitchen Clean-Up

How many times have you been cooking in your kitchen and made a small and annoying mess? Whether its flour all over the floor or, worse, a handheld vacuum is an essential tool for cleanups.

Mopping can cause a wet mess out of powdery substances, and wiping up a mess will not clean up the cracks and crevices. A handheld vacuum is a key to getting these messes cleaned up with ease, thanks to the lightweight size and the included attachments.

There are handheld vacuums that are meant for dedicated kitchen use, and there are models that are geared toward entire household use. You’ll want to decide which model is right for your specific usage.

Whether you are a professional chef or you just have children who tend to make a mess in your home, a handheld vacuum will keep your kitchen in tip-top shape, and the portability is a major benefit.

A Great Secondary Cleaning Tool

Handheld vacuums are much smaller in size than a traditional vacuum cleaner, and this is why a portable vacuum cleaner is worth keeping around your house. Supposing there is a mess that you need to clean up in a hurry, you might not want to pull out a large vacuum just to clean up a small pile of dirt. The dustbuster was once the miniature device of choice for quick cleanups, but today’s portable vacuums are a much more powerful alternative.

Since a handheld vacuum is such a good secondary cleaning tool, you’ll want to pick one that has a rechargeable battery, as you won’t have to be held down by a cord. Most portable vacuum cleaners will suck up just about anything, which makes them a great way to keep your messes under control. You can use your portable vacuum in addition to other cleaning tools in your home, and although it won’t clean up an entire room, a portable vacuum is still one of the best alternative cleaning tools that you can use.

Choosing The Right Portable Vacuum

When it comes to deciding which portable vacuum is the best choice, you are going to need to examine some of the main features, such as the unit’s horsepower, as well as its battery life. Ideally, you want a portable vacuum to last for a good deal of time so that you can vacuum out automobiles and other big jobs if you need to.

Some portable vacuum cleaners have lackluster battery life and very little suction, so you’ll want to check out browse some of the best handheld vacuums to see which ones stack up and which ones you should avoid.

Nothing is worse than having a portable vacuum that you can’t do anything with, and you’ll want one that you can use for more than just sucking up dust. The right portable vacuum will have the features that you want and the ability to suck up just about any mess in a nice, compact package. The market for portable vacuums has evolved a lot over the past few years, and the models are continuing to get better and better. You can see few more vacuum guide here.

The Right Handheld Vacuum Will Improve Your Life

At the end of the day, we all want a portable vacuum that will get the job done right the first time, and if you are stuck with a lackluster model you’ll be unhappy with the result. A good portable vacuum will have the right blend of suction, functionality, and size to make for a useful cleaning tool. Take the time to choose the portable vacuum that’s best going to fit your needs, and make the process of cleaning your home and vehicles easier.

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Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Shark is one of the top leading brands in the world which makes amazing electronic appliances for people who have little time to take care of their home. Nowadays, people have seldom time for themselves, the hustle and bustle of the world has made it difficult for us to take care of our home and our surroundings. Things like having a day for ourselves is like a dream.

To make things easier, appliances like vacuum have made it easier for us to clean the room in a matter of minutes. With the advancement of modern technology, vacuums are multi functional and comes in various shapes and sizes. They have made things drastically easy for us to clean and take care of.

Shark is a brand that makes the most amazing appliances with using cutting edge technology. They provide vacuums of different functioning and sizes to better suit your needs. Shark vacuum are great for hardwood floors. Their vacuums range from cordless, upright, handheld, robot and corded stick vacuums.

Let’s discuss some of the best among their wide range of vacuums from their collection and see their unique features and their pros and cons.

Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – Comparison

Top Pick Shark VacuumGradePrice
Shark Navigator Upright VacuumA+ (Top Pick)Check Price
Shark DuoClean vacuumA+ (Editor Choice) Check Price
Shark Navigator DLX VacuumA+ (Best Seller)
Check Price
Shark APEX Upright VacuumA+ Check Price
Shark Rotator Powered VacuumA+ Check Price
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for CarpetA+ Check Price

1. Shark Rotator Powered

Shark Rotator Powered Reviews

Key Features of the Shark Rotator Powered

  • Made with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal innovation
  • Comes with a  Pet-Multi Tool and a powerful TruePet Motorized Brush
  • Fast and easy emptying
  • 3-in-1 vacuum
  • Active Swivel Steering

In continuation of the best, Shark Vacuum Hardwood floor is the Shark Rotator Powered. The Shark Rotator Powered has a 2-in-1 Powered Lift-Away feature. It is an upright and detachable canister vacuum for easy cleaning. The Powered Lift-Away technology activates at the touch of a button placed where it can be easily reached. This feature allows it to make deep clean and reach the unreachable zones.

The power keeps the brush roll to keep spinning for a bright cleaning. Its swivel is advanced and with bright and powerful headlights. The HEPA filter is active for catching allergens and dust. It has an easy power control just at the reach of the fingertip. There is a smooth transition between cleaning hard floors and carpets. This could be a special cleaner for pet owners. Great for all kinds of surfaces. Because of its multiple modes, users fully rest assured that the Shark Rotator Powered can give its best performance when needed.


  • The brush tool is excellent at picking pets’ hair that is deep down the carpet.
  • The headlights make cleaning tremendous and work best in dark areas such as under the furniture and beds.
  • For individuals with allergies, this is a special cleaner for them. A complete seal system that gives out only HEPA clean air.
  • Though the vacuum cleaner is lightweight, the power it produces is too far beyond its look.
  • With the dynamic swivel steering, one can quickly move the vacuum cleaner even up to unreachable spots
  • It has a switch that controls the vacuum making it very enjoyable.


  • It is heavy to move around.
  • In the Lift-Away mode, the machine can tip over easily.

2. Shark Rotator Professional

Shark Rotator Professional Reviews

Key Features of Shark Rotator Professional

  • Strong and powerful suction for hard floors and carpets
  • Has a quiet operation
  • Long cord to reach reasonable distance
  • It can never lose suction
  • Quality tools attachments to make cleaning easier.
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuverability
  • HEPA filtration for clearing the air.
  • 3-in-1 Lift-Away Innovation

As said earlier, the Shark vacuum is simply the best in the market. The next on our list of best shark vacuum cleaner for a hardwood floor is the Shark Rotator Professional, also known as Shark rotator pro three vacuums in 1. Amongst all other vacuum made with the Lift-Away feature, the Shark Rotator Professional remains the best.

This vacuum cleaner can be easily separated from the dirt cup and motor so that it can be used as a portable vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuums for giving upholstery and stairs an excellent clean. The hose and other attachments make it easy to clean even in tight spots. It can also be used as a Canister vacuum by placing the Pod on the added roller Caddy. The Quick-Release Wand features make it very easy to have excellent clean on bare floors.


  • 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner makes it more useful than most vacuum cleaners.
  • The ultra-quiet operation makes it environment-friendly.
  • It has an ergonomic handle that makes it very convenient to handle without any form of blisters on the hand.
  • The amount used for purchasing this vacuum cleaner is not equal to its quality.


  • It does not have an auto rewind cord feature.
  • It topples over too easily when utilizing the attachments and flex hose.
  • One needs to make more passes on a particular area because of the small head on the vacuum cleaner.

3. Shark DuoClean Powered

Shark DuoClean Powered Reviews

Key Features of the Shark DuoClean Powered

  • Bright LED lights.
  • Constructed with a DuoClean to help get in bigger specks of dirt.
  • It is made with an anti-allergen seal technology plus HEPA filtration.
  • This is the latest Shark upright.
  • Lift mode is made for cleaning surfaces above the floor such as staircases, upholstery, etc.
  • Ability to extend its reach with the help of the Power Lift-Away.

This is the first vacuum on our list of best shark vacuum for hardwood floors. It is one of the best produced by the shark company. Several qualities have made it feature on our list. This vacuum cleaner is the first to introduce a LIFT system that comprises of a separate bin and a frame to stretch out the vacuum cleaner.

The Power Lift is constructed in a way that the vacuum cleaner can function as both a canister and upright vacuum cleaner. Though, the hose is connected to the floor tool. The manufacturer well equips the Shark DuoClean Powered. It also has a DuoClean system that blends both a bristle brush and a soft head roller for effective cleaning. The latest powerful features are combined on this Shark DuoClean Powered.

The dual brush system gives it the more upper hand when it is compared with other kinds of vacuum cleaners. One lovely thing is that it works flawlessly on both hardwood floors and carpet. Also, it can remove a large chunk of debris in a few minutes. This feature makes it stands out to be the best out of other vacuum cleaner and hence on our list of best shark vacuum hardwood. It cleans out allergen with its HEPA filtration system.


  • It has a good impact when compared to its sister product; the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away
  • It is a multi-purpose vacuum.
  • The HEPA filtration system is yes.
  • Get large debris out of the way
  • The DuoClean brush gives it a very high agitation on any hardwood floor it is used.


  • It has a small dirt bin.
  • It is expensive to purchase

4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Reviews

Key Features of  Shark Navigator Lift-Away

  • Steady suction power.
  • Swift Swivel Steering.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Built-in Anti-allergen Complete Seal innovation.
  • Ability to work on any surface.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is the fifth-best Shark vacuum for hardwood floor on our list. It is a lightweight 2-in-1 Lift-Away upright vacuum. Shark Navigator Lift-Away is a detachable canister that is recommended for a portable cleaning effect.

Just at the touch of a button, the Lift-Away system gently lifts the canister away to far places that are not reachable. This lovely vacuum cleaner is manufactured with a sealed system and a HEPA filter made to trap allergens and dust. The brush roll system features to make it very easy to change from bare floor to carpeted area.

Furthermore, the Hard Floor Hero attachment is designed to collect particles and dirt from any surface it is used on. Both on hard floors and carpeted areas, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away gives a thorough cleaning. It is excellent at not losing its suction power. This feature allows deep cleaning in just one movement.

One advantage of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is that it is a giant size vacuum cleaner with a canister that makes the machine suitable for multi-purpose work.  If you are a pet owner and there are pet hair littered all over your carpet, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away can pick them all up and leave your carpet as clean as new.


  • This is a lightweight vacuum.
  • It can sustain its suction power.
  • It can work effectively on both the hardwood floor and carpeted area.
  • The cleaner has an anti-allergen filtration in it.


  • The battery can take a more extended period to charge.

5. Shark Rocket DuoClean

Shark Rocket DuoClean Reviews

Key Features of Shark Rocket DuoClean

  • It is a detachable handheld vacuum.
  • Easy to carry and lightweight.
  • It features a motorized Pet Tool
  • Bright LED lights
  • Long cord (30 feet)
  • Bagless system
  • Strong Duoclean Brushroll
  • Smart Triple Cleaning system
  • Swivel wheels for easy maneuverability

This is another Shark product that needs to be discussed here on our list of Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood. One thing that should be noted about the Shark vacuum cleaners is that they are all made with excellent features. These features make them stand out amongst other kinds of vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor.

The Shark Rocket is manufactured with a DuoClean technology that makes the two brushes work in unison to remove both small, medium and big dirt from carpets and hardwood floors. It is an upright and ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaner. Most conveniently, this vacuum cleaner can be converted into a handheld vacuum. It is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, being able to clean from floor to the ceiling.

The vacuum holds a powerful LED light around its nozzle region. The brush roll can be easily cleaned after usage. It can also suck out pet’s hair that is gone deep into the carpet with its bristle brush feature. The soft brush can pull in more significant dirt and give the floor or any surface the vacuum is used on a polished look. Shark Rocket DuoClean can be carried to any area of the house without having backaches because of its lightweight. Using this vacuum cleaner can get you the best and polished floor you ever think.


  • It has a very long cord
  • The weight is very light
  • Ability to clean large and small dirt from any surface it is used on
  • Cleaning made easy without any backache
  • The cleaner head can get into closed spots because of the swivel features.
  • It has a smooth switching from carpet to hard floor


  • The dust cup does not have a filter
  • Can’t work correctly on floors that are not smooth

6. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum

with Lift-Away, Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology

This powerful upright vacuum cleaner is a pro at cleaning carpets and floor and also cleans itself. Now you don’t have to worry about cleaning the filter again and again after every cleaning. If you are a pet owner and have trouble with hairs everywhere on your couch and bed, then this the vacuum for you, it has Zero-M self cleaning brushroll that is excellent in removing hairs from every surface. It is the best shark vacuum for hardwood floors.

It is also immensely easy to use and handle and portable in nature too. Their upright vacuum can be switched to lift away mode by removing the canister. The lift away mode helps in vacuuming areas above the surface of the floor and carpet. They also have swivel steering that allows you to easily move the vacuum from place to place and even reach hard and tiny corner places. They are also light weight in nature and can easily be lifted up and carried around.

With this vacuum, you don’t have to worry about dust and allergens getting away unnoticed. They have a high grade HEPA filter and a complete seal anti-allergen technology that traps the dust inside.


  • Has two cleaning options; Upright vacuum with lift away feature that allows you to clean above floor surfaces.
  • Easy to use and handle and reach hard places.
  • Self cleaning brushroll.
  • Excellent in cleaning up hairs.
  • Extremely light weight and easy to carry around.
  • Has a HEPA filter and an anti-allergen complete seal technology.
  • Swivel steering makes it easy to navigate.


  • Doesn’t remove hair effectively.
  • Not easy to reach tiny places.

7. Shark DuoClean vacuum

Powered Lift-Away, Standard, Cinnamon

Shark DuoClean vacuum

Best Shark vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. This vacuum comes with a feature of DuoClean. This technology contain two types of brushes; a bristle brush that is used to clean carpets perfectly and a soft brushroll that is use to clean and vacuum large particles of dust and debris, so that your carpet will be shining once it passes through this vacuum.

It has a lift away technology that enables you to life the canister from the floor and be able to clean surface or areas that are above the floor or are hard to reach. The lift away technology doesn’t make the two brushes stop spinning at all and you can clean any surface with the same perfection.

It is not useful for carpets only but work for floors as well. Its HEPA filter and anti allergen complete seal technology will leave no dust behind, be it small or large. It is easy to move around as well and control too with its on and off options. You can easily switch from carpet to floor mode in a matter of seconds.

Its bottom is also provided with highly powered LED lights so that you leave no debris and dust unnoticed. With its steer swiveling, you don’t have to worry about any dust outsmarting you.


  • It has DuoClean feature which consist of two brushrolls; one soft and the other bristle.
  • It can tackle dust and debris from both carpets and floors.
  • The lift away technology allows you to remove the canister and clean any above surface.
  • HEPA filter and anti allergen complete seal technology.
  • Steer swiveling option allows you to move it easily and with the help of LED lights, no dust will go unnoticed.


  • Several complaints of motor failing after one use.
  • No warranty.

8. Shark Navigator DLX Vacuum

– Upright Vacuum in Gold/Silver

Shark Navigator DLX Vacuum

I guess it is safe to say that we all are extremely dust cautious and just a simple vacuum doesn’t cut it anymore. Well, behold this vacuum that contains a HEPA filter and an anti allergen complete seal technology that removes up to 99.9% of the dust and debris.

With its extra large capacity, you don’t have to worry about cleaning out the dust cup again and again. Now don’t be scared of its large size, it is made with such material that makes it light weight and easy to handle and even lift up, so that cleaning is a breeze.

Now clean with no interruption with its extended capacity and have fun while cleaning with tis swivel steer feature that lets you have complete control over the appliance and helps in better cleaning. This Shark vacuum is versatile in nature and is great for hardwood floors and carpets.


  • Contains HEPA filter.
  • Anti allergen complete seal technology.
  • Cleaning covers both bare floors and carpet.
  • Extra large capacity allows cleaning with no interruption.
  • Dust cup is 3 times larger than ordinary.
  • Removes 99.9% of dust and debris.
  • Cord is long and flexible.
  • Strong suction power.


  • Extremely loud.
  • The cord is a little too flexible.

9. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

– with DuoClean for Carpet and HardFloor Cleaning

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

Calling all pet owners! This vacuum right here with its Zero-M anti hair wrap technology removes and clears away all hairs, be it short or long, from all types of surfaces. The Zero-M removes hair from the brushroll effectively and without any hassle.

This is a multi purpose vacuum that contain not only one but 3 types of technologies. It also contains lift away technology that helps you to remove the canister attachment and clean surfaces above the floor. It also has DuoClean technology that has 2 brushrolls, that help in removing small as well as large particles and gives your floor an extremely polished look that you can’t achieve from other ordinary vacuum cleaners.

For those hard to reach places, all you need to do is remove the canister and now it is easy to go under tiny places. Like all Shark’s vacuum, it contains HEPA filter and anti allergen complete seal technology.
Shark vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet has three cleaning modes; lift away mode, above floor mode and upright mode. Another upright vacuum review.


● DuoClean technology that tackles small and large particles.
● Zero-M Technology cleans the hair from the brushrolls.
● Lift away feature and upright option.
● Amazing suction power.
● Detachable canister.
● Roller wheels are smooth and easy to push and pull.


  • Zero – M technology not so effective.
  • Performance lasts only 3 months.

10. Shark Rotator Vacuum

Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and
Hard Floor

Shark Rotator Vacuum

If we are talking about floor to ceiling cleaning, then the only Shark vacuum for hardwood floor and carpet that has the ability to cover all this large place is the rotator lift away vacuum. This is ideal when you have a lot of ground to cover. Its light weight material and versatility has made it extremely easy for us to use it and handle it for multi purpose tasks.

With its easy fingertip controls, you don’t have to worry about switching from one mode to another. And this vacuum is extremely powerful and has multiple modes to better suit your needs. The first is the upright mode that helps you to navigate easily with its swivel steering and to reach those places which you normally can’t with a vacuum. The second is the lift away mode, that allows you to remove the canister and reach tiny places like under the bed and couch without compromising on the motor power. It also has an above floor mode that allows you to remove the handle and reach the ceiling easily, as all the heavy parts have been removed.

With its high powered motor, you can remove all types of dust, allergens and debris from any fabric like carpet or cushions or even on the bed. Fingertip controls, LED lights in the front and swivel steering are just some of the things that make it as perfect as it is.


  • Multi purpose vacuum cleaner.
  • Consist of 4 cleaning modes; upright mode, lift away mode, above floor mode and pet power mode.
  • Removes dust, allergens and debris from fabrics and upholstery.
  • Consist of LED lights and fingertip control.
  • Swivel steering allows for better maneuvering.
  • Large dust cup capacity.
  • HEPA filter and anti allergen complete seal technology.


● Takes effort to be maneuvered.
● Heavy weight.
● Cord is short.

11. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet

Upgrfor Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet

This vacuum consists of a powerful motor that is extremely light weight as well as versatile in its nature. Shark vacuum is for both hardwood floor and carpet. It can be used to tackle all types of dust and allergens with the help of its HEPA filter and anti allergen complete seal technology. Its dust cup capacity is 1.1 quarts, which is large enough to hold a lot of dust and debris.

Its suction power is extremely high, and to make it according to your preference, a suction release feature has been installed. From this feature you can adjust the volume of suction power to better suit your needs. It is recommended to lower the suction power for light rugs and fabrics.

Its lift away feature allows you to remove the canister from the motor so that you can cleans the hard to reach areas and extend your areas of cleaning. Tiny places are hard to clean and navigate and with the help of this vacuum you won’t have to worry about any dust being left behind.


● Best shark vacuum for hardwood floor and carpet.
● Lift away mode allows you to remove the canister.
● Easy to clean hard to reach areas.
● HEPA filter and anti allergen complete seal technology.
● Lightweight and portable.
● Swivel steering for easy maneuvering.


● Suction stopped working.
● Canister detachment is a little hard to do.
● Short power cord.

Buying Guide for Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Now you have followed up till this point. Knowing all the features of all the best shark vacuum for a hardwood floor is not just the end. Getting a full guide on the considerations before buying a vacuum cleaner is quite essential. You need to purchase the kind of vacuum cleaner that will soothe your cleaning preferences. So, there are several factors that you need to put into consideration before deciding on buying any of the shark vacuum for hardwood floor. Below are some of the categories that you should look out for before placing your order. These factors are:

  • The length of the cord
  • Look out for the brand and its model
  • Check for the shape and size
  • The type of vacuum is also necessary such as upright, handheld, slim, etc.
  • Confirm the price
  • Its storage capacity
  • Check its weight. Depending on the area or surface you are working on
  • Confirm its filter and portability
  • Know if it is a bagless or bag attachment vacuum.

Main Features of Shark Vacuum

As soon as you have decided on all these facts, the following step is to check out for the quality features of the vacuum. Make sure the features are exactly what will make your cleaning easy for you. This depends on you, the user.

Cordless or Cord?

If you need a cordless cleaner or not, it is your choice. For the sake that you would prefer a cordless vacuum, here are some things you should consider. Immediately you finish cleaning with the vacuum, return it to its charging spot. Note that cordless vacuum tends not to last longer than those with cords though very light in weight and has more convenient storage. A news of vacuum clear here.

If you want the one with a power cord, fine, all you need do is decide the length you want the wire to reach. If you are the type that has stairs at home, decide on the one that can make you move up and down the stairs without much stress.

It should also be noted that vacuums having cords are considered more potent than cordless vacuums. But you need to plug it into different outlets to do a thorough cleaning in the home.

Bagless or Bag?

Like said earlier, the decision is up to you. You have to consider whether you want a bag or bagless vacuum cleaner. Just know that there are advantages and disadvantages to everything.
A vacuum with a bag can hold more dirt and dust than a bagless vacuum. For a bagless vacuum cleaner, you would need to buy lots of replaceable bags. Note that you would need to learn how to replace a bag on your vacuum cleaner.

If you love a bagless vacuum, then you must learn how to clean the canister regularly, to save yourself from buying extra bags, you need to maintain the canister.

Washing and Cleaning the Canister:

It is a fact that you want your vacuum cleaner to last long for you. So, you would need to wash it at least once a month. You don’t need to be scared of cleaning your canister because there is no harm in doing that. But make sure it dries up before you replace it to its place.


In summary, every needful detail has been dished out. All you need to do is take your time to consider the type of Shark vacuum cleaner that you think will fit in your preferences. The list of best Shark vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors has it all. Explore and have a neat floor always. Make sure you place your order with trusted vendors, so you don’t end up having your money spent buying a less quality vacuum cleaner.

All of these products were selected from the best and you can easily find them on Amazon and get them delivered on your doorstep within a short time. Shark is one of the leading brands that make home appliances and have greatly made our life easier by helping us in our everyday life.

Their cleaning appliances have changed the meaning of ease, with their wide range of vacuum products, you can find the vacuum best suited to your needs and depending on the amount of space you have to cover. Shark vacuum can be used for both hardwood floor and carpet, making your chore a lot easier.

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Best Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair

The vacuum cleaner is such a useful element which we use for cleaning dirt and debris from our home. This is a necessary item for pet lovers for removing dirty things from the house. This element is so helpful to use for cleaning the house.

When you want to clean a long hair then this always a difficult task. But, you will be easily overcome form it if you use a long hair vacuum cleaner. These types of cleaning solution are so much useful to use on any surface you like. It works so effectively to do some difficult tasks. More Home info here.

There are so many long hair vacuum cleaners in the market which why it is difficult to choose the best one. We discuss here some of the best upright vacuum cleaners for long pet hair.

This will save your valuable time from choosing the best one. Hope, this article is helpful for you. Take a look at this article and choose the suitable one for you.

Best Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair


1. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away:

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away

The “Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away” is a powerful vacuum cleaner which has a great marketplace. Most of the people give positive feedback to this vacuum cleaner for its great performance, excellent sucking power, and easy maintenance.

This item is made in such a way so that it can last for a long time. It is useful to use in both industrial and domestic areas. It includes a caddy whereon where you will able to keep the canister.

You can also use this excellent vacuum cleaner as a powerful storage bin to keep some other accessories that come with it. It is really a great item which works so effectively for cleaning any surface.

This upright vacuum cleaner comes with an elegant design which can be easily liked by anyone. You will get a fluffier look after using it on a carpet because of having an effective brush head.

The unique feature of this vacuum cleaner is, it uses Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology which offers you to clean anything effectively. It also has a fingertip controls power where you can easily switch the machine for hard floor and carpet mode as well.

This is an ideal vacuum cleaner which is suitable for use on any carpet or floor. There is no any requirement for its maintenance which why you don’t need to look after it every time. This powerful vacuum cleaner also gives 5-years warranty to the customer. From many research and reviews, We select this powerful vacuum cleaner in our list and give it the 1st spot.

Key Features:

  • Comes with an elegant design
  • Manufactured in such a way so that you can use it for a long time
  • Uses Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology for better performance
  • Includes fingertip controls power so that you can switch the machine in your favorite mode
  • Comes with a powerful storage bin for keeping other tools of it
  • Suitable to use for any surface

What We Like:

  • Strong suction power
  • Last for a long time
  • Highly versatile vacuum cleaner
  • Gives warranty for 5 years

What We Dislike:

  • Little bit heavy-weight item
  • Some customer face some problems with its handle

2. Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum:

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

Do you face any problem to clean your home perfectly and searching for vacuum cleaning solution? If yes, then we will recommend you to choose this “Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum” cleaner.

This will be a great option for you to choose. This vacuum cleaner comes with so many features which offer you to clean your house effectively. The most unique feature of this vacuum cleaner is, its self-right when toppled.

Usually, you will hardly find this feature on any other vacuum cleaner. This is such a useful item which you can easily trust for invest.

Though it is a heavier item but it has so much power to do some difficult tasks. This vacuum cleaner comes with two-tier radial cyclones which allow you to remove dust and allergens.

It also includes a carbon fiber turbine tool which effectively cleans debris from hard floors and carpets. You will be also able to rotate it for 360° because of having articular wand handle. It comes with an excellent ball technology which allows you to easily steer your machine.

This is a large vacuum cleaner which has a high capacity bin which means you can clean your entire house without any hassle. It also includes a 31-foot long power cord for easy use and you can also able to maintain it easily.

It comes with some other tools also such as crevice, dusting brush, stair tool, etc. You will get 5 years of labor and parts warranty with this machine after purchasing. For overall its reviews, we select this vacuum cleaner on the 2nd spot in our list.

Key Features:

  • This is a big size vacuum cleaner which includes a high capacity bin.
  • You will able to clean dirt and allergens because of is two-tier radical cyclones.
  • You can rotate it for 360° angles because of its articulating wand handle.
  • It works so effectively for having carbon fiber turbine tool.
  • Comes with a 21-foot long power cord for easy and great use.
  • Gives 5 years warranty for its parts and labor.

What We Like:

  • It is great for use in anytime and any surface
  • Adjustable handle helps a lot to rotate it easily
  • Comes with some other tools which are so useful to use
  • Gives a long term warranty
  • Long lasting item

What We Dislike:

  • It has a little bit extra weight
  • Little bit expensive product

3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Bagless Upright Vacuum:

Bissel Pet Hair is an excellent vacuum cleaner that provides nice performance with great balance. It has a great suction power which allows you to use it easily for lifting.

This Pet Hair Eraser comes with 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner which offers you to use it in 2 ways. This a lightweight and standard vacuum cleaner which has the ability to clean up homes, cars, offices, and RV.

It comes with so many incredible features which give this pet hair vacuum cleaner a huge popularity towards the people in the marketplace.

This pet hair vacuum cleaner highlights LED crevice tool, Sviwel steering, Febreze filters, etc. Because of having new Liftoff technology, you can also use it as a liftoff vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t require hard maintenance because of having a feature of Cyclonic Pet Hair spooling.

It also comes with a telescoping extension wand. Because of having some issues in its design, you may face some problems with the wind while using it. But, overall this is a versatile vacuum cleaner which offers great performance in any cleaning task.

We choose this vacuum cleaner as one of the best upright vacuum for pet hair and set it on the 3rd spot in our list.

Key Features:

  • It is a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner which can be used in 2 ways.
  • Comes with liftoff vacuum technology which offers you to use it as a liftoff vacuum cleaner.
  • Includes LED service tool, Febreze filters, Cyclonic Pet Hair spooling, etc.
  • Comes with a telescoping extension wand.
  • Versatile and lightweight item.

What We Like:

  • Versatile product and performs really well
  • Compact design
  • Liftoff technology offers it to use as a liftoff vacuum
  • Good for use in any surface

What We Dislike:

  • Some issues with extension ward
  • Little bit expensive

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum:

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum

The “Bissel 1650A Upright” is a modern design vacuum cleaner which has so many innovative features and tools. Its strong suction, easy using system, and great performance make this cleaner as one of the best upright vacuum cleaners.

The best part of this vacuum cleaner is, it uses tangle-free brushroll which helps to use effectively for long hair. Most of the people love this feature of this cleaner. If you want to find a long pet hair vacuum cleaner then this will be the best one choose.

This long pet hair vacuum cleaner comes with so many features such as snap-on handle, swivel steering, quick release wand, 30-foot power, 8-foot hose, etc. It also includes a brush on and off switch for easy use. You can easily maintain it because it doesn’t require the maintenance process.

This powerful vacuum cleaner machine is very effective to use on every surface and performs really well to clean dirt and debris. You will be also able to clean edges with it because of using Suction Channel Technology. The great thing about this cleaning machine is, it comes with a SmartSeal allergen system which protects the house from allergies.

It also gives a warranty for 5 years. This cleaning machine is one of the best vacuum cleaners to choose for every pet owners. For its outstanding features and performance, we give it the 4th spot on our list.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a modern and decent design.
  • Highlights some incredible features like swivel steering, snap-on handle, quick release wand, 30-foot power cord, 8-foot hose, etc.
  • Comes with a brush off and on switch where you can easily select your mode to use.
  • Includes a tangle-free brushroll so that you can effectively use it for long pet hair.
  • Has SmartSell allergen system which gives protection from allergies in the house
  • USeful for use in every surface
  • Comes with a Suction Channel Technology for cleaning edges
  • Its weight is around 18 pounds

What We Like:

  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • So many innovative and impressive features
  • Effective for any kinds of surface and hair
  • The power cord is enough longer which is great for use

What We Dislike:

  • Heavy-weight item
  • Not well enough to use on hardwood floors

5. Hoover Wind Tunnel 3 High-Performance Upright Vacuum

Hoover Wind Tunnel 3 High-Performance Upright Vacuum

Another great vacuum cleaner that has a great reputation is “Hoover UH70210 Corded Upright Vacuum”. This cleaner is very easy to use and there is any requirement for its maintenance.

You will able to clean your entire home effectively and also effortlessly with it for its great performance. This is a suitable item which you can use for carpets, floors, upholstery, and stairs.

It comes with 7 Position Carpet Height Adjustment which allows you to clean many types of floors effectively. This vacuum cleaner uses quick pass brush roll which offers 2 times faster cleaning in any surface. It comes with a WindTunnel 3 Technology to deeply remove dirt and debris from the surface.

This effective cleaning solution also includes dusting tool, telescoping extension Wand and crevice tool, pet Turbo tool, etc. It has a great suction power also which allows you to clean your home properly. This is a slightly over-weight item but has so many power to do any kind of difficult task. It is another one of the best upright vacuum cleaners for pet hair. We keep this cleaner in our list and give it the 5th spot.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 7 Position Carpet Height Adjustment which offers you for cleaning any surface effectively.
  • Includes quick pass brush roll for cleaning anything 2 times better.
  • Uses WindTunnel 3 technology for deep cleaning.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Weight is around 18 pounds.

What We Like:

  • Powerful suction
  • Able to clean any surface deeply
  • Comes with so excellent tools
  • There are no messy bags with it

What We Dislike:

  • It comes with an extension pipe that makes it short for use

You can check another article for vacuum for area rugs and hardwood floors

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair:

When it is time to choose the best upright vacuum cleaner, you must need to consider some important things otherwise you can’t get the suitable one. Here, we discuss some guidelines for purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Take a look here and follow these guidelines.

  • Tangle-free Brushrolls:

Usually, most of the vacuum cleaners use tangle hair brushrolls which are not 100% effective for use. On the other hand, tangle-free brushroll vacuum cleaner very effective and properly clean the entire house. You will be able to clean your house effortlessly by using this kind of cleaner. That’s why you need to consider this important thing before selecting your upright vacuum cleaner.

  • Weight:

Weight is one of the major things which you can’t forget. Usually, most of the people don’t like to use anything which has heavy-weight. Over-weight item is always difficult to carry. When you want to clean something, you can’t clean for a longer time if your cleaner is heavy to handle. You will feel pain on your hand. So, choose an upright vacuum cleaner which is lightweight to use.

  • Battery:

Battery power is also an important part when choosing a vacuum cleaner. You can’t choose anything which doesn’t have long battery life and don’t able to work for a long time. If you have a difficult task and need to clean your house for a long time, then it’s important to choose a cleaner which has long battery life. So, try to remember this thing also.

  • Accessories:

Generally, most of the vacuum cleaner comes with so many other tools. But, you need to know the importance of these tools and the benefit of using those. You don’t need anything which includes useless tools. That’s why check your item which kinds of tools it includes.

  • Warranty:

The warranty also plays a vital role in an upright vacuum cleaner. You should choose that cleaner which gives a long time warranty. So, consider this thing also before buying. These are some important facts before purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner. If you follow these guidelines properly then you will be able to get your best item.

Final Thoughts:

The vacuum cleaner is really a useful item for doing some difficult cleaning tasks. To have an effective service for cleaning then a vacuum cleaner is the best option for you. You will be able to effortlessly do any task. This article is all about some of the best upright vacuum cleaners for long pet hair and their reviews. Hope, you will get your suitable from our list. Thank you and happy buying.

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Best Vacuum for Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors

Finding a vacuum that can clean both area rugs and hardwood floors can be challenging. We are here to introduce you with some best products that are best for both area rugs and hardwood floors.

It is up to the choice of a person, he wants area rugs or a hardwood floor at his home. Both of them are appealing and attractive and all the people who have installed such floors are enjoying their benefits. The next step after the construction is to keep them neat and clean. For the purpose of maintenance, we are going to introduce some best products to you.

Best Vacuum for Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors

1. Shark Rocket DeluxePro

Shark Rocket DeluxePro


Shark Rocket DeluxePro offers the following features for your convenience:

  • It is the best two in one vacuum machine that can’t only deep clean the carpet floors but also the hardwood floors
  • If you wish to enjoy the feature no loss of suction and quick pick-ups, this vacuum machine is perfect to choose
  • Through this vacuum cleaner, by having all the correct attachments, you can clean almost everything. This vacuum machine will rinse the water until the flowing water will become clean. Then through dry air pressure, the water will be clean. The remaining dirt will clean trough vacuum
  • You will get many types of additional tools along with this vacuum machine that includes pet multi-tool and hardwood hero tool, etc.

What are the benefits of having Shark Rocket DeluxePro at your home?

Let us discuss, what are some amazing benefits of having Shark Rocket DeluxePro at your home?

  • Its dimension is 13 x 10.2 x 47.5 inches and is 8.6 pounds in weight. So, it is easy to carry and easy to use. You will not feel any difficulty while cleaning the floor using this lightweight vacuum machine.
  • It can save a lot of your time.
  • It can even remove the pet hairs from the surface and has powerful suction.

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2. Bissell Hard Floor Expert

Bissell Hard Floor Expert

What are some amazing features of Bissell Hard Floor Expert?

Bissell Hard Floor Expert offers the following amazing features:

  • Its separation system is Multi-Cyclonic and supports multi-level friction
  • Its dimensions are 12.9 x 19.2 x 15 inches
  • It is a light weighted product having 8.3 pounds weight only
  • What are some additional benefits can give Bissell Hard Floor Expert?
  • Using Bissell Hard Floor Expert is perfect to use for the cleaning of the floor, let us discuss, what are some amazing benefits it gives?
  • It can give excellent suction properties and the amazing result of cleaning. Its suction level is easy to maintain. It will save a lot of your time and will grab even the smaller trash
  • This vacuum is light-weight, compact and needs very fewer attachments if you wish to clean any kind of floor by using this.
  • Its additional tools include upholstery brush and a crevice tool that is perfect for the carpet and hardwood floors
  • This vacuum machine is easy to use. There is no rocket science to use it. You just need to follow some simple steps to have its amazing benefits

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3. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood

What are some amazing features of Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood?

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood has the following features:

  • Its dimensions are 10.6 x 11.3 x 43.3 inches
  • It is a light-weight product having 7.5 pounds weight only
  • This is the most efficient and quickest mean of cleaning several kinds of floors
  • Perfect for picking the dust from hardwood floors but not so good for rugs
  • It can suck even the smaller particles like hairs from the floors

What are some additional benefits of Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood?

Some of the additional benefits of Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood are as:

  • It is made up of plastic and easy to use.
  • This vacuum machine is lightweight and smaller in size. Just perfect for easy clean
  • You can find various styles and sizes in Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood and can choose the perfect one according to your wooden floor
  • Its maintenance is easy as you will need only a few minutes to empty it from the trash
  • Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood is of high quality that can provide deep clean of your hardwood floors
  • Perfect to clean the surface of the hardwood floors without any damage and scratch

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4. Miele Complete C2 Hard

Miele Complete C2 Hard

What are some amazing features of Miele Complete C2 Hard?

Miele Complete C2 Hard has the following features:

  • Its dimensions are 23 x 14 x 12 inches
  • By using PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum, get the advantage of using the most lightweight product which is only 19.51 pounds in weight. Hence, it is easy to use so, one can easily carry it even though the stairs
  • It is the most powerful and efficient machine that can perform the best cleaning of the floor

What are the additional benefits Miele Complete C2 Hard can offer?

Some of its amazing benefits are as:

  • This vacuum machine has strong suction power and is the perfect choice for those who want to make their hardwood floor clean without getting damage and scratches on the floor
  • You can find the varieties of Miele Complete C2 Hard and can choose the one according to the type of floor you have installed at your home
  • This vacuum machine is perfect for hardwood and tiles floor

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5. PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum

PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum

What are the features of PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum?

Some of the amazing features of PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum are as:

  • Its dimensions are 4 x 4 x 4 inches
  • You will not believe, it is the most light-weighted product launched by the vacuum machines manufacturers. Its weight is only 3.53 pounds
  • Its dustbin capacity is 0.2L which is vast enough and can carry a large amount of dirt. Its maintenance is easy as you just need to spend only a few minutes to empty the basket
  • This machine needs a Power Supply of 120/240V.
  • This machine has previously programmed dirt detection property that will work through the navigation

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What are the benefits of using PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum at your home?

Let us discuss, what are some additional benefits of PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum?

  • You don’t need to worry about its battery. Its battery life span is long. It has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • This is the wonderful and most amazing floor cleaning machine that can save a lot of your time and can remove the dirt from any kind of flooring
  • Its size is not so big, so it can easily be used to clean the areas under the bed, under the tables and also in the closest and utility areas
  • This is the most efficient and effective way of cleaning floors at a comparative price
  • This vacuum machine is perfect to sweep the hairs of pets at floors

What to consider while choosing a vacuum?

Buying a vacuum for rugs is a one time investment because you will not be investing in the same technology again. That is why you have to assure that you will buy the best quality and reliable product that will serve you for a long time.

No doubt selection of the best vacuum can get a little confusing because of the huge variety of products available in the market. That is why we have for you a few things that you should consider while buying a vacuum for rugs.

Warrantied products

You must buy the warranted product if you don’t want to compromise on the quality. It will give you the peace of mind that you have invested in the best item. In case the device is defected or there are some other issues company will pay for repair or replacement.

Dual purpose

Do not make the mistake of investing in the vacuum that will only clean the rugs. You should look for the vacuum should clean both area rugs and hardwood floors. With a single device you will be able to clean the entire house.


Compare the products based on their cost. Try to find the best company of vacuum, waiting for the sale is also preferable if you wish to get discount while buying a vacuum

There are a large number of styles and models that the manufacturers of vacuum machines have launched. You can choose the one, according to the type of floor, you have. You must try to choose the one that will operate smoothly and efficiently on your floor.

What are some amazing features of best vacuum for area rugs and hardwood floors?

Vacuum for area rugs and hardwood floors are the best products that you can get for your home. These are powerful enough to efficiently clean your floor to an extent you really want. You can have a deep clean in the rug areas.

Many people are worried about scratching at the wooden floor; we ensure you such vacuum machines will not leave any scratch if you will clean the floor by using this vacuum machine. These vacuum machines are of high quality that needs comparatively low maintenance. Let us discuss, what are some amazing features of best vacuum for area rugs and hardwood floors?

It can provide proper care

If after the installation of the hardwood floor, you are worried about its cleanliness, these vacuums are best to choose. These can provide deep clean to the floor.

This is the best way to add more beauty and charm to the floor because of the intense of cleanliness it provides. For the proper care of the wooden floor, these vacuums are important to use.

Using this vacuum is the best and quickest way for the maintenance of your floor. This method of cleaning is efficient that will not damage the floor. Your wooden floor will not even get any scratches.

It is the gentle approach of cleaning

Many people think that one vacuum is only beneficial for one type of flooring. We ensure this vacuum is the best approach to clean both area rugs and hardwood floors.

We suggest you to must do the dusting of dust while vacuuming the floors it will definitely give the required results. At the vacuum machine, you can find the on/off button and each and every functionality.

If you wish to save your hardwood floor from any kind of damage, we suggest you stop the working of the spinning brush because it can leave the scratches on the wooden floor.

Its detachable stretch hoses are of its amazing features

Detachable stretch hoses are the reason why these vacuums are best and useful for the several kinds of floors like wooden floors, for stairs and also for the hard floors.

This is the great development indeed in which the latest technology is being introduced. Now, anyone, who has installed the hardwood floors at their homes, can get the benefit of a lot of features of these vacuum machines.

If you have rugs area or installed a wooden floor at your home and worried about its deep clean, we have a suggestion for you.

We suggest you to must choose a vacuum that will not only clean rugs areas but also wooden floor. Keep on enjoying walking on the smooth clean floor with less effort. These vacuum machines are perfect for you to buy.