Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: It is a general phenomenon that an upright vacuum is the best. However, the truth is, this type of vacuum is most used in so many homes. There are good vacuum cleaners that have stood the test of time and have been considered the best in the market. Let’s discuss the other kinds of vacuum cleaners that are available before we move on to list out the best of vacuums in the market. The cylinder-shaped vacuum cleaner is one of the kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the market. It is versatile and can be marked as one of the best when it comes to getting a filter that can perform multiple tasks. It is useful when trying to clean the unreachable areas in the home. Let’s check shark reviews here.

Another one is the stick vacuum cleaner. This type of cleaner is used for cleaning a small portion of the mess. Most times, this type of vacuum cleaner is used as a substitute or secondary cleaner. The slim vacuum cleaner is another type of vacuum. It is fancy with easy mobility and secure storage. It is more powerful than a stick vacuum that is why more power is needed to get it working.  It features all the benefits of the canister or upright vacuum cleaner. It can be used with or without a power cord. They are straightforward to use and can be easily carried about within the home. Most individuals use this as their primary vacuum cleaner. It looks like the slim vacuum cleaner but is not having the same features. A handheld vacuum is also a suitable type of vacuum cleaner but can’t be used as a primary cleaner. This cleaner can be used in place of the stick vacuum. All the same, we have our list of best shark vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor. Read on to discover more about our best pick of vacuum cleaner for hardwood.

Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floor (Comparison)

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1. Shark Rotator Powered

Key Features of the Shark Rotator Powered

  • Made with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal innovation
  • Comes with a  Pet-Multi Tool and a powerful TruePet Motorized Brush
  • Fast and easy emptying
  • 3-in-1 vacuum
  • Active Swivel Steering

In continuation of the best Shark vacuum Hardwood floor is the Shark Rotator Powered. The Shark Rotator Powered has a 2-in-1 Powered Lift-Away feature. It is an upright and detachable canister vacuum for easy cleaning. The Powered Lift-Away technology activates at the touch of a button placed where it can be easily reached. This feature allows it to make deep clean and reach the unreachable zones. The power keeps the brush roll to keep spinning for a bright cleaning. Its swivel is advanced and with bright and powerful headlights. The HEPA filter is active for catching allergens and dust. It has an easy power control just at the reach of the fingertip. There is a smooth transition between cleaning hard floors and carpets. This could be a special cleaner for pet owners. Great for all kinds of surfaces. Because of its multiple modes, users fully rest assured that the Shark Rotator Powered can give its best performance when needed.


  • The brush tool is excellent at picking pets’ hair that is deep down the carpet.
  • The headlights make cleaning tremendous and work best in dark areas such as under the furniture and beds.
  • For individuals with allergies, this is a special cleaner for them. A complete seal system that gives out only HEPA clean air.
  • Though the vacuum cleaner is lightweight, the power it produces is too far beyond its look.
  • With the dynamic swivel steering, one can quickly move the vacuum cleaner even up to unreachable spots
  • It has a switch that controls the vacuum making it very enjoyable.


  • It is heavy to move around.
  • In the Lift-Away mode, the machine can tip over easily.

2. Shark Rotator Professional

Key Features of Shark Rotator Professional

  • Strong and powerful suction for hard floors and carpets
  • Has a quiet operation
  • Long cord to reach reasonable distance
  • It can never lose suction
  • Quality tools attachments to make cleaning easier.
  • Swivel steering for easy manoeuvrability
  • HEPA filtration for clearing the air.
  • 3-in-1 Lift-Away Innovation

As said earlier, the Shark vacuum is simply the best in the market. The next on our list of best shark vacuum cleaner for a hardwood floor is the Shark Rotator Professional, also known as Shark rotator pro three vacuums in 1. Amongst all other vacuum made with the Lift-Away feature, the Shark Rotator Professional remains the best. This vacuum cleaner can be easily separated from the dirt cup and motor so that it can be used as a portable vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuums for giving upholstery and stairs an excellent clean. The hose and other attachments make it easy to clean even in tight spots. It can also be used as a Canister vacuum by placing the Pod on the added roller Caddy. The Quick-Release Wand features make it very easy to have excellent clean on bare floors.


  • 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner makes it more useful than most vacuum cleaners.
  • The ultra-quiet operation makes it environment-friendly.
  • It has an ergonomic handle that makes it very convenient to handle without any form of blisters on the hand.
  • The amount used for purchasing this vacuum cleaner is not equal to its quality.


  • It does not have an auto rewind cord feature.
  • It topples over too easily when utilizing the attachments and flex hose.
  • One needs to make more passes on a particular area because of the small head on the vacuum cleaner.

3. Shark DuoClean Powered

Key Features of the Shark DuoClean Powered

  • Bright LED lights.
  • Constructed with a DuoClean to help get in bigger specks of dirt.
  • It is made with an anti-allergen seal technology plus HEPA filtration.
  • This is the latest Shark upright.
  • Lift mode is made for cleaning surfaces above the floor such as staircases, upholstery etc.
  • Ability to extend its reach with the help of the Power Lift-Away.

This is the first vacuum on our list of best shark vacuum for hardwood floor. It is one of the best produced by the shark company. Several qualities have made it feature on our list. This vacuum cleaner is the first to introduce a LIft system that comprises of a separate bin and a frame to stretch out the vacuum cleaner. The Power Lift is constructed in a way that the vacuum cleaner can function as both a canister and upright vacuum cleaner. Though, the hose is connected to the floor tool. The manufacturer well equips the Shark DuoClean Powered. It also has a DuoClean system that blends both a bristle brush and a soft head roller for effective cleaning. Latest powerful features are combined on this Shark DuoClean Powered. The dual brush system gives it the more upper hand when it is compared with other kinds of vacuum cleaners. One lovely thing is that it works flawlessly on both hardwood floor and carpet. Also, it can remove a large chunk of debris in a few minutes. This feature makes it stands out to be the best out of other vacuum cleaner and hence on our list of best shark vacuum hardwood. It cleans out allergen with its HEPA filtration system.


  • It has a good impact when compared to its sister product; the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away
  • It is a multi-purpose vacuum.
  • The HEPA filtration system is yes.
  • Get large debris out of the way
  • The DuoClean brush gives it a very high agitation on any hardwood floor it is used.


  • It has a small dirt bin.
  • It is expensive to purchase

4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Key Features of  Shark Navigator Lift-Away

  • Steady suction power.
  • Swift Swivel Steering.
  • Easy manoeuvrability.
  • Built-in Anti-allergen Complete Seal innovation.
  • Ability to work on any surface.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is the fifth best Shark vacuum for hardwood floor on our list. It is a lightweight 2-in-1 Lift-Away upright vacuum. Shark Navigator Lift-Away is a detachable canister that is recommended for portable cleaning effect. Just at the touch of a button, the Lift-Away system gently lifts the canister away to far places that are not reachable. This lovely vacuum cleaner is manufactured with a sealed system and a HEPA filter made to trap allergens and dust. The brush roll system features to make it very easy to change from bare floor to carpeted area.

Furthermore, the Hard Floor Hero attachment is designed to collect particles and dirt from any surface it is used on. Both on hard floors and carpeted areas, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away gives a thorough cleaning. It is excellent at not losing its suction power. This feature allows deep cleaning in just one movement. One advantage of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is that it is a giant size vacuum cleaner with a canister that makes the machine suitable for multi-purpose work.  If you are a pet owner and there are pet’s hair littered all over your carpet, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away can pick them all up and leave your carpet as clean as new.


  • This is a lightweight vacuum.
  • It can sustain its suction power.
  • It can work effectively on both the hardwood floor and carpeted area.
  • The cleaner has an anti-allergen filtration in it.


  • The battery can take a more extended period to charge.

5. Shark Rocket DuoClean

Key Features of Shark Rocket DuoClean

  • It is a detachable handheld vacuum.
  • EAsy to carry and lightweight.
  • It features a motorized Pet Tool
  • Bright LED lights
  • Long cord (30 feet)
  • Bagless system
  • Strong Duoclean Brushroll
  • Smart Triple Cleaning system
  • Swivel wheels for easy manoeuvrability

This is another Shark product that needs to be discussed here on our list of Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood. One thing that should be noted about the Shark vacuum cleaners is that they are all made with excellent features. These features make them stand out amongst other kinds of vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor. The Shark Rocket is manufactured with a DuoClean technology that makes the two brushes work in unison to remove both small, medium and big dirt from carpets and hardwood floor. It is an upright and ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaner. Most conveniently, this vacuum cleaner can be converted into a handheld vacuum. It is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, being able to clean from floor to the ceiling. The vacuum holds a powerful LED light around its nozzle region. The brush roll can be easily cleaned after usage. It can also suck out pet’s hair that is gone deep into the carpet with its bristle brush feature. The soft brush can pull in more significant dirt and give the floor or any surface the vacuum is used on a polished look. Shark Rocket DuoClean can be carried to any area of the house without having back aches because of its lightweight. Using this vacuum cleaner can get you the best and polished floor you ever think.


  • It has a very long cord
  • The weight is very light
  • Ability to clean large and small dirt from any surface it is used on
  • Cleaning made easy without any backache
  • The cleaner head can get into closed spots because of the swivel features.
  • It has a smooth switching from carpet to hard floor


  • The dust cup does not have a filter
  • Can’t work correctly on floors that are not smooth

Buying Guide for Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floor

  • Now you have followed up till this point. Knowing all the features of all the best shark vacuum for a hardwood floor is not just the end. Getting a full guide on the considerations before buying a vacuum cleaner is quite essential. You need to purchase the kind of vacuum cleaner that will soothe your cleaning preferences. So, there are several factors that you need to put into consideration before deciding on buying any of the shark vacuum for hardwood floor. Below are some of the categories that you should look out for before placing your order. These factors are:
  • The length of the cord
  • Look out for the brand and its model
  • Check for the shape and size
  • The type of vacuum is also necessary such as upright, handheld, slim etc.
  • Confirm the price
  • Its storage capacity
  • Check its weight. Depending on the area or surface you are working on
  • Confirm its filter and portability
  • Know if it is a bagless or bag attachment vacuum.

Main Features of Shark Vacuum

As soon as you have decided on all these facts, the following step is to check out for the quality features of the vacuum. Make sure the features are exactly what will make your cleaning easy for you. This depends on you, the user.

Cordless or Cord?

If you need a cordless cleaner or not, it is your choice. For the sake that you would prefer a cordless vacuum, here are some things you should consider. Immediately you finish cleaning with the vacuum, return it to its charging spot. Note that cordless vacuum tends not to last longer than those with cords though very light in weight and has more convenient storage.
If you want the one with a power cord, fine, all you need do is decide the length you want the wire to reach. If you are the type that has stairs at home, decide on the one that can make you move up and down the stairs without much stress.
It should also be noted that vacuums having cords are considered more potent than cordless vacuums. But you need to plug it into different outlets to do a thorough cleaning in the home.

Bagless or Bag?

Like said earlier, the decision is up to you. You have to consider whether you want a bag or bagless vacuum cleaner. Just know that there are advantages and disadvantages to everything.
A vacuum with a bag can hold more dirt and dust than a bagless vacuum. For a bagless vacuum cleaner, you would need to buy lots of replaceable bags. Note that you would need to learn how to replace a bag on your vacuum cleaner.

If you love a bagless vacuum, then you must learn how to clean the canister regularly, to save yourself from buying extra bags, you need to maintain the canister.

Washing and Cleaning the Canister:

It is a fact that you want your vacuum cleaner to last long for you. So, you would need to wash it at least once a month. You don’t need to be scared of cleaning your canister because there is no harm in doing that. But make sure it dries up before you replace it to its place.


In summary, every needful detail has been dished out. All you need to do is take your time to consider the type of Shark vacuum cleaner that you think will fit in your preferences. The list of best Shark vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor has it all. Explore and have a neat floor always. Make sure you place your order with trusted vendors, so you don’t end up having your money spent buying less quality vacuum cleaner.

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