Practical Steps To Repairing A Damaged Roof

Repairing a roof damaged by hail can be just about as basic as fixing a single shingle or as included as supplanting the whole roof. This tremendous distinction in repair choices is the reason we recommend everybody have their roof inspected by a professional after a major hailstorm. An experienced roofer like the Storm Guard Roofing of Colorado Springs can rapidly decide the seriousness of the damage. 

Most roof inspections are additionally free, giving you a no-cost arrangement on the off chance that you think your roof has been damaged during a new or past storm. In case you’re uncertain on whether you need a hail damage roof investigation, search for signs of damage like the ones noted previously. In case you are discovering more than one occasion of a gouged gutter or damage to your siding, you ought to truly consider a hail damage roof review. As we referenced previously, shingle damage can be extreme or somewhat gentle. While it’s not difficult to tell when extreme damage has happened, comprehend the gentle damage and choose what sort of hail damage roof repairs might be required. 

What Happens When You Ignore These Repairs? 

When overlooked, shingle and roof damage can rapidly transform into leaks or ice dams. These at last transform into mold damage, electrical issues, or rotting wood — which are all costly to fix. 

Wood decay and mold, for instance, can wind wild and are difficult to distinguish until it’s past the point of no return. Being proactive with regard to potential issues like these can save you a huge number of dollars and keep your home in incredible condition. 

Dealing with Hail Roof Damage 

After you have chosen what to do and if your home was damaged, discover a roofing contractor that you trust and, ideally, one that has experience chipping away at projects for which homeowners have filed insurance claims. 

Is A Hail Damaged Roof Covered By Insurance? 

A run-of-the-mill homeowners insurance policy will incorporate inclusion for roof damage from hail, yet inclusion might be applied contrastingly relying upon where you reside, who your insurer is, and the subtleties of your policy. 

How Long Do I Need To File An Insurance Claim For Hail Damage? 

Numerous insurance organizations expect you to file a claim within one year in the wake of establishing that your roof has supported hail damage. We prescribe that you plan to have your roof inspected quickly after you presume roof damage brought about by hail. You need to have a lot of time to review damage assessments just as any quotes for hail damage roof repairs. 


Roofing contractors are specialists in seeing what hail damage means for your property. In case you’re stressed over roof damage brought about by hail, get in touch with us for a free property assessment. Roofing specialists will assist you with understanding the extent of work that will be needed to repair your property, and we will make it look all-around great!