10 Best Steam Carpet Cleaners Reviews

Steam cleaners have come to replace the process of scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees. One of the reasons is to have clean floors, not sore knees! Steam comes up as an easy and natural way to wipe of dogged blemishes from surfaces and also to kill germs, and this is without having to use cruel chemicals.

Hence, steam cleaning has become a sought after technique to revive, freshen and disinfect all sorts of surfaces; and this includes but not limited to flooring, wall tiles, auto upholstery, and bathroom fixtures A few years back commercial cleaning firms handled cleanings of this nature, but steam cleaners have not only come to compete with these firms, they seem to be the people’s choice.

So, be it a floor cleaner or a multi-purpose handheld steam cleaner you are sure to find one that would meet your budget and need.

Best Steam Carpet Cleaners Comparison

Top Pick Stream CleanerGradePrice
McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner A+
Top Rated
Check Price
Bissell Symphony All-in-OneA+
Editor Choice
Check Price
Bissell Hard Surface HandheldA+
Budget Friendly
Check Price
Karcher SC5 EasyFix A+Check Price
Sienna Luna PlusA+Check Price

1. McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Top Pick

McCulloch Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Reviews

McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner comes up as one of our picks because of its versatility and profound cleaning capability.

Also, McCulloch multi-purpose steam cleaner machine is true to its description as it takes care of divergent number of cleanings: from freshening grout lines to ridding bathroom fixtures of water stains to restoring a sparkle to ovens, and refreshing auto upholstery.

Check and see that the feedback on this product has been positive. Customers have described it as cleaning beyond their expectations. 

Most reported downside to this model steam cleaner is the length of time it takes to warm-up—the McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner takes about 8 minutes to produce steam. However, this is can be annulled with the fact that the steam cleaner provides a fantastic amount of cleaning power for about 45 minutes.
When compared to other steam cleaner machines which provide little run time before demanding to refill and reheat. Summarily, the McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is a great choice for multipurpose cleaning.

Main Features

  • Ease of use
  • Super performance
  • Additional Accessories
  • Ease of carriage

Our verdict about the product

McCulloch MC1275 is another powerful machine that justifies money for value. The Steam Cleaner is a specialized one for those who are taking a keen interest in their steam cleaning. With water heated to over 200ºF, this steam cleaner meritoriously and naturally cleans and sterilizes a wide variety of surfaces.

The product is designed for tackling tough jobs with its professional steam power and a multipurpose collection of attachments. Also, it takes care of jobs from greasy tools to floor mats, grimy wheels and barbecue grills- for this steam cleaner, there’s no job too big – or too small; that is the McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner.

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Amazingly, McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner has got good reviews from users. Several of its features have been noted. Its ability to handle multiple tasks and move across different surfaces and materials have been the most talked about. Another fact is, it’s got 12 feet on the cord and more on the hose makes it exciting. So, you can plug in a corner of a room and get to most parts of the room from that point. Does your home not deserve this machine?

2. Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

Editor Choice

Bissell Symphony Reviews

Bissell Symphony all-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop is a vacuum and steam cleaner all in one and the steam function can be used separately. This is an additional feature compared to the models reviewed above. 

It does a tremendous work by taking up the dry dirt first and then the steam and microfiber pad follows to give the floor a good quick clean. This machine is recommended if you have limited time. In addition, it handles the job of vacuuming up light dirt and debris and cleaning with the power of steam. These functions can be combined.

The steam function can be started by just holding down a trigger which is located in the handle. This adds to the convenience of usage. Bissell Symphony all-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop has a vacuum cleaner that is not as effective as the singular vacuum cleaners but it still does a great job and can be crowned as our number one time and energy saver cleaner. 

Main Features

  • Great work on bare floors 
  • Ease of assembling 
  • Easy-to-wash microfiber
  • Ease of vacuuming 

Our verdict about the product

Vacuum works perfectly well. It has a fast, light steam cycle. The machine uses very little water and the floor dries quickly. It doesn’t take the machine long to warm the water for steam. The disposal tank cleans easily. It has a compact design. It doesn’t take up much storage space.

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When quality is what you look out for in a steam cleaner, the Bissell Hard Surface Handheld Steam Cleaner should be among your choices. With the power of its steam, the machine can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. With the steam cleaner, your sealed hard floors and surfaces will be left sparkling.

Do you want to buy a hybrid vacuum cleaner and you are still undecided? Thanks to the hybrid cleaners that emerged in recent years, you can now save both time and energy by vacuuming and steaming at the same time. You may have some reservations too such devices, but be assured that the Bissell Symphony All-in-One will beat your expectations if your home has a lot of bare floors. Its lightweight, adjustable handle and well placed digital controls would allow you to use it with pleasure. 

3. Bissell Hard Surface Handheld Steam Cleaner

Budget Friendly

Bissell Hard Surface Handheld

In a situation where you need a reliable machine to handle your cleaning but your budget plays an important role in making a decision, then you may want to consider the Bissell Hard Surface Handheld cleaner.

This steam cleaner with multiple attachments can take care of your cleaning in the kitchen, not excluding your cabinet doors, appliance handles and knobs. It can be used for disinfecting impenetrable surfaces, not excluding granite countertops usually present in kitchens and bathrooms.

Customers love this small compacted machine as it is easy to use and carry around. However, a lot should not be expected from this machine considering its size and price. Refilling and reheating the steam cleanser is necessary to finish longer tasks. Despite its lack of power from steam produced we consider it a great machine for its value.

Main Features

  • Powerful high-pressure steam cleaner
  • Chemical free
  • 1000-watt power rating

Our verdict about the product

Bissell Hard Surface Handheld Steam Cleaner works well. It is fast, having a light steam cycle. Also, it doesn’t take the machine a long time to warm up the water for steam. Lastly, the disposal tank cleans easily and it has a compact design so, it doesn’t take up much space.

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When quality is what you look out for in a steam cleaner, Bissell Hard Surface Handheld should be among your choices. With the power of its steam, the machine can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Your sealed hard floors and surfaces will be left sparkling clean.

4. Karcher SC5 EasyFix

Best 4

Karcher SC5 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner

Premium Steam Cleaner Main Features

Karcher SC5 easyFix premium steam cleaner provides accessories for almost all cleaning. It has an Easyfix floor mopping head with washable microfiber cloths and a carpet glider.

Its great square brush gives you power for tough effective cleaning. There is also a detail nozzle that takes a small round brush, a small detail brush, and a power nozzle. That is an efficient steam cleaner you would say.

A variable steam control power lets you control the output, so you can confront more delicate cleanings. Of importance is the VapoHydro. VapoHydro mode mixes water with steam, giving it a kind of pressure-washer action. Karcher SC5 does a great job by removing dirt from hard floors, carpets, tiles, and windowsills. Another great feature of this steam cleaner is that it operates at a very fast speed. 

However, one of the downsides of this model is the price. But if the efficiency of this product is compared to its price it explains why it is expensive. With a close 2-liter capacity, a 2kW+ heater and a powerful VapoHydro mode, we can tell you that you have value for money.

Main Features
  • Efficient steaming power
  • Speed on floor mopping
  • Great tool selection with storage
  • Ease of carriage

Our verdict about the product

Kärcher SC 5 multipurpose steam cleaner is a very powerful machine that justifies money for value. The product gives you the effective power of steam. Its dirt-shifting power of pure and continuous steam delivers amazing deep cleaning results. There is a refillable water tank for uninterrupted cleaning, and also includes on-board storage for tools and accessories, with all the attachments and brushes you need for cleaning every corner of your home. 

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SC5 Easyfix Premium is a hell of a steam cleaner with a multipurpose roster of cleaning tools and abilities. As a steam mop, only a few dedicated models can cover ground with such speed and cleaning potential.

Karcher SC5 EasyFix has proved to be a cutting edge when it comes to steam cleaning, promising you a thorough clean with unrivaled results and easy use. It doesn’t only boast to be a 100% chemical-free cleaner but it is also lightweight, and this makes difficult tasks and transport less vigorous.

VapoHydro feature exerts enough pressure to remove even the toughest of stains while remaining gentle enough to be used on a variety of surfaces around your home. Whether cleaning up after hosting guests or maintaining your home, the Kärcher SC5 EasyFix Premium can help your home to be spotless effortlessly.

5. Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System

Best 5

Sienna Luna Plus Steam

Similar to the above steam cleaners, the Sienna Luna Plus comes with multiple attachments so it can use the unit for a multiplicity of functions. This steam cleaner does well at floor cleaning and consumers have spoken about being satisfied by this function. If you have hard surface flooring and are looking for a steam cleaner that will clean and revitalize your tile, marble, laminate, or wood flooring, then the Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System is our top recommendation.

This steam cleaner has a reusable microfiber pad that fits over the mop head to clean flooring. What really sets the Sienna Luna Plus apart for cleaning hard surface floors is its vibrating motion that assists in removing grime and debris. Users report that the Sonic Micro Plus Vibration technology really does assist in getting floors cleaner with less effort and elbow grease. Other steam cleaning mops lack this scrubbing assist; with many being equipped with only a manual scrubber or no scrubber at all.

Main Features

  • Steam cleaning head
  • Window squeegee
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Extension hose

Our verdict about the product

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System is easy to put together out of the box and it heats up quickly. This cleaner allows for three different steam settings for different tasks and it is light enough to carry around and use continuously without getting tired. It only steams for about 15-20 minutes (if using the highest setting).

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This product uses the power of sonic micro-pulse vibration technology to lift stuck-on dirt as the mop moves across the floor, which is particularly helpful on harder-to-clean surfaces like textured vinyl or stone. You can choose from three output levels on the quick-heating steam mop to create the ideal amount of steam for any cleaning task.

From here on out, you will never have to spend another moment worrying about the cleanliness of your home. Plus, you get every cleaning tool imaginable for an at-home steam mop as well as the ability to adjust the output of steam.

6. O-Cedar – Microfiber Mop

Super Budget Friendly

O-Cedar – Microfiber Mop

When the startup time is of importance to you then you should try out the O-Cedar. The startup time for this machine is 20 seconds!

The angled head mop in this steam cleaner does an efficient job with speed and in cleaning out corners. However, it may be inconvenient in small spaces. There is a prevalent noise that comes up when it is heating up, however this sound comes up when heating and not when cleaning.

O-Cedar has a carpet glider, and this refreshes and deodorizes carpets. This machine has an ease of use. It takes just a snap at the glider over the mop head and it begins steaming.

It takes several swipes to remove dirt. Its dry time is also about 14 minutes. If these downsides can be accommodated then you may choose the O-Cedar for its fair pricing.

Main Features

  • Takes care of all surface
  • Eco-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • microfiber

Our verdict about the product

A truly innovative mop that removes embedded dirt. Totally worth it! For starters, the mop is absorbent when compared to other microfiber mops which just push liquid around. It’s great for picking up spills and it makes mopping (for cleaning) a breeze. Actually easier than the various stick mops with pads that we have around. The bucket wrings the mop out completely. It’s small and holds plenty of water. The mop picks up a lot of dirt that you may have missed with your broom instead of leaving it on the floor.

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Our primary goal is to help you find a microfiber mop that’s useful. There are too many low-end mops on the market that lead to unsatisfactory results. Most of these mops are hard to utilize, break easily, and are more likely to cause a mess instead of cleaning it.

That’s why you should consider looking at the O-Cedar Microfiber Mop. It’s a fast and functional mop that helps users remove 99% of the dust, dirt, and other debris on the floor. This is the mop you should consider if you’re serious about restoring the value to your home.

7. Bissell – 19404 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner

Bissell – 19404 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner

Many would describe the Bissell – 19404 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner as the best multipurpose steam remover; and that may be true. It has a long-lasting flow of continuous steam and a built-in easy scrubber. This makes work faster as it removes tough stains in ample time. 

Bissell – 19404 was designed for hard floors. It is easy to carry and has a good power cord length.  It has two different microfiber pad designed for different levels of scrubbing. The pads are washable and reusable.

Main Features

  • Flip-down easy scrubber
  • Variable steam control
  • Removable water tank

Our verdict about the product

Bissell – 19404 cleaner is great on tiles, stone, marble, vinyl, linoleum and so on. However, if you intend to use it on hardwood or laminate floors it has to be used with care. It is easy to put together-takes maybe a minute including the time to grab the screwdriver to put the handle on. The steam is great – heats up super quick and if general cleaning can cover most of my flooring in about 20 min and the tank lasts. Refilling the water if you need to is as easy as pulling it out of the handle and taking the lid off. Takes about 30 seconds to complete the process and be back to mopping.

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In the past, if you’ve had trouble trying to get the grout on my tile floors clean and it seemed that you couldn’t lift the old stains from prior steam machines, this steam mop would help you completely clean old dirt off the floor. You can use a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixture to pre-treat for 5 minutes, and then use the steam mop to finish the job.

The steam mop is easy to use and heats up quickly, usually in under a minute. The Bissell – 19404 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner comes with two pads so you can switch them out for extended cleaning sessions. The tank is big enough to clean both the kitchen and bathroom in the highest steam setting without running out of water and needing to be refilled.

8. Shark 2-in-1 Steam Pocket Mop

Shark 2-in-1 Steam Pocket Mop

Shark2-in-1 powerful steam cleaner is usual for both floors and other surfaces. This machine is easy to use. The 2-in-1 machine cleans floors using a 2-sided microfiber pad and the power of steam. However, the mop head can also be detached. This steam cleaner is compact and lightweight and is unique as a handheld cleaner with gracious multipurpose tools. 

The hand held unit has a 300ml water tank which clasps into and out of the main body and is attached to a sturdy aluminum grip and a super-large floor head frame. The Shark @-in-1 steam pocket mop will run on tap water but if it might be best to us diluted water if you live in a very hard water area.

Main Features

  • 2-in-1 handheld steam mop
  • Comprehensive cleaning tools
  • 3 steam levels
  • 300ml water tank
  • Tool storage bag

Our verdict about the product

Shark2-in-1 steam cleaner is a multipurpose unit, that provides a great combination of tools for the widest cleaning capabilities and offers an effective floor mopping. It has a fast heat-up time of fewer than 45 seconds. The two-sided mop pad removes stains well and leaves hard floors clean. It comes with a good quality squeegee attachment that cleans windows well. However, the steam can be too low and inconsistent. There is no clear indication of when the steam is ready.

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Accordingly, Shark 2-in-1 Steam Pocket Mop works great on sealed hardwood floors, vinyl flooring, and ceramic tile. It cleans grout very effectively, saving a lot of manual labor. It cleans Allure vinyl flooring very well, even the residue from dog “accidents.” The Shark works great on wood and tile floors. It really picks up the dirt. Seeing this, it’s a call to decide if this is the steam cleaner you need.

9. Hoover SteamJet 2-in-1 S2IN1300CA

Hoover is an upright steam cleaner with just one-floor cloth plus plastic carpet glider. It is a slender, lightweight, flexible steam mop. This machine has a 5m power cord and a 300ml water reservoir. The handle and the floor head can be removed making it a small handheld steam cleaner.

It takes about 20 seconds to heat up and about another 10 seconds for the steam to come through. Steam is triggered with a button well positioned nicely under the fingertip. 

Main Features

  • Mop head glides well over both carpet and hard floor
  • Comprehensive cleaning tools
  • Lightweight 

Our verdict about the product

Hoover steam cleaner is for good value and very easy to use. It steams and really does what the box says it does. The setup is quite good and can be done in a jiffy.   With the Hoover SteamJet S2IN1300CA 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner Mop forget the chemicals. With no need for chemicals or scrubbing, this steam cleaning can remove dirt from hard flooring, stubborn upholstery and carpet stains, tough grease from hobs and extractor fans, and even limescale and mold from tiles and taps.

Call to action:

Get the Hoover SteamJet, it is lightweight and compact steam upright with an integrated handheld that makes lifting grime effortless. It’s also equally effective as a handheld steam cleaner when tackling dirt above floor level. So what are you looking out for in a steam cleaner? Does this match your needs? 

With a triangular-shaped base designed for the smallest of corners and 10 attachments including a window squeegee and jet nozzle, there will be no area left unclean. You get 15 minutes of cleaning time from a full tank. The accessories include 2 small round brushes, a descale tool, comb brush, conic tool, hose, steam nozzle, small mop, window squeegee, and copper brush.

10. Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Mop 720020

Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Mop 720020

You probably should ignore the 9-in-1 because it is just a steam mop with a pop-out handheld cleaner. The 9 refers to the tolls, hence, a misleading title. A little assembling is required at first use. The steam cleaner has a rectangular floor head and is capable of standing on its own. It has two-floor cloths. 

The carpet glider sits under but it should be noted it does not clip into place so, if you take up the steam cleaner the glider would remain on the floor. No jug is required as the 350ml reservoir pops out so it can be refilled right under a tap. It takes about 30 seconds to heat up and another 10 seconds for the heat to pump out.

Although the steam is powerful, it cannot be controlled. This powerful steam makes quick work of lifting dirt from mattresses.  It comes with a number of small brushes with stiff bristles, a scrapper, a concentrator nozzle and a convertible midsized tool that acts as a window squeegee or flat cleaning head, complete with a cloth over.

Main Features

  • Quick heat up
  • Steam trigger is easy to use
  • Water tank allows a view of water level
  • Easy tank refill

Our verdict about the product

A good piece of kit adaptable and stays steaming. Easy to fill and you get a good bit of work. 

The fix mop seems to be well constructed, easily assembled, not too cumbersome when using the handheld option. Water tank easy to fill, The 3 cleaning head options all worked very well on their different surfaces. I am satisfied this will serve me well…..If it fails I will update my review. Although expensive it is a good buy for a good job.

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Morphy Richards 720020 9-in-1 steam mop has a very quick heat-up time so you can clean without having to wait too long. The steam trigger is also easy to use and the water tank is clear to allow a view of the water level. Refilling the tank is also relatively easy. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee and is worth knowing that all of the parts are available for purchase individually if they require replacing.

Why use Steam Cleaners?

Steam cleaners make it possible to clean and disinfect hard floors without the need to use solvents that can be hazardous to health.  It can be difficult to clean hard surfaces because they are permeable. However, the steam cleaner has the ability to access the surfaces to dispel entrenched dirt. The heat from the steam plays a major role here by loosening the dirt from the surfaces. This is very effective when compared with the mop stick and bucket. Dirt and food stains can become a thing of the past with the presence of a steam cleaner.

In addition, steam vapors can also kill bacteria, dust mites, and mold spores at high temperatures. It is true that heat above 212° will kill most microorganisms. Sanitizing an area requires continuous steam for 10-15 seconds.

Although, household bleach is an EPA-registered sanitizer often endorsed for disinfecting by health authorities; however, the fumes are capable of irritating the lungs and mucous membranes. Steam cleaners, however, disinfect without exposing individuals to irritation- and this is comforting if children and pets are considered.

Steam cleaners are also more efficient in cleaning dirt and dust than conventional mops. This is thanks to the microfiber pads. 

How to use a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners can be used on ceramic tile, grout, sealed wood floors or linoleum flooring, but it is imperative you check the care instructions from your flooring manufacturer to make sure you don’t accidentally void your warranty. Some types of flooring are sensitive to moisture and the National Wood Flooring Association notes that “steam or excessive water may damage a wood floor.

If you’ve used a wet/dry mop with a disposable pad, you’ be comfortable transitioning to a steam mop. You attach a microfiber pad to the plastic head, fill the tank with water (most models recommend using distilled or filtered water to avoid mineral build-up if you have hard water), and plug it in. Once it heats up, you can see the steam as you mop. As a general safety precaution, the user manuals recommend wearing closed-toe shoes to protect your feet.

Before cleaning, you should thoroughly sweep or vacuum your floors, and the microfiber pads should be cleaned and washed regularly. Some models come with carpet gliders, which can eliminate odors and freshen carpets but do not remove stains. Multi-purpose types have brushes and attachments to clean carpets.

Features to consider before buying a Steam Cleaner 

Many questions may come to mind as you set out to buy a steam cleaner. Questions like: What is going to be the purpose of this steam cleaner? What is my budget? What steam cleaner is best for the job? What steam cleaner is more durable?

In this article, we have helped you in answering these questions.  We are delighted to help you in making a right choice as you set out to spend your hand earned money in purchasing a steam cleaner.


There are various types of steam cleaners. Some samples are steam cleaners with singular purposes, such as steam cleaning mops for floors. However, there are multifunctional steam cleaners for cleaning a range of surfaces and this is made possible by the design and attachments. And interestingly, there are also steam cleaners machines that have vacuuming capabilities. The size and design of your home will determine the model you choose. For example, for a wall-to-wall shag pile carpet, a handheld steam cleaner for upholstery, bathroom, and kitchen will be ideal, while a long stretch of hard floors and tiles will require an upright modern steam mop or cylinder steamer. It should be noted that multi-functional models come with various nozzle attachments included to clean a whole lot.

Quality of the Cleaning

The goal is to get your home clean! The quality of the steam cleaner comes to play here. So, we checked the steam cleaners to know which will provide you with the best quality. 


We understand that your budget would play an important factor in this purchase. You want a good steam cleaner, one that can remove all that stain and expel all bacteria- but with a relatively good price? We understand your need and concern and we got you covered.

Cleaners for Usability

What about how to use? How easy or difficult is it to use the steam cleaner? Definitely, you want the process of usage to come easy! So, we have experimented on various steam cleaners and can tell you the easy-to-use models. Among the things we looked out for are: how easy are they to refill, how do they respond in different situations, how easy is it to change attachments, how long each cleaner can last on a tank-full of water, giving an idea of the area that can be cleaned in one go.

Final Conclusion

Make your choice of a steam cleaner based on functionality. It is best to purchase those that are well-suited for the purpose intended.

These best steam carpet cleaners will produce very low moisture steam with only about 5 percent moisture! The moment steam is wet it becomes ineffective as it would leave streaks, make surfaces unsafe, and could result in mildew.

Particular areas where the steam cleaner is needed should also be noted. You do not want to buy a steam cleaner that is bigger than space where it is going to be used. You must consider ease of use. The types of surfaces must also be considered. Also, consider how much water the water tank can take if it allows refilling and the convenience of refilling when in use.

This compilation is an effort in our research on various steam cleaners. From the article, we believe you can make your choice now on what steam cleaner you would choose to buy. It is our hope that you have been guided by this article to make that right choice that would make your house sparkling clean and not hurt your pocket as you do so.