Best Carpet Cleaner Shampoo Review

Are you searching for the best carpet cleaner shampoo? You don’t have to stress further. Getting the best product in the market can be stressful, especially at this time when the market is flooded with various types of products.

Distinguishing between fake and authentic products can be difficult. Well, you need not worry. Our expert team for consumers’ product research has done the main work for you. Here you can learn some market best carpet cleaner shampoo 2021 reviews, price, buying guide, feature, pros, cons and more.

10 Best Carpet Cleaner Shampoos Reviews

Top Pick ShampooQualityCurrent Price
Pet Dog Carpet Cleaner Best Safe A+
1st Place
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Hoover Cleanplus 2X A+
Best Value
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4PACK Resolve 60 oz A+
Editor Choice
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OxiClean 64.0 FL OZ A+Check Price
BISSELL Deep Clean 42 oz A+Check Price
Zep Commercial, ZPE1041690  A+Check Price
BISSELL Deep Clean 50 oz ACheck Price
BISSELL Wash Shampoo, 1.5 L ACheck Price
Biokleen 64 Fl Oz ACheck Price

1. Pet Dog Carpet Cleaner Best Safe

Pet Dog Carpet Cleaner Best Safe

Basic Solution Extreme Stain and Odor Remover are 3 X is the best carpet shampoo.  The main formula which contains both Pro-Bacteria and proteins which adequately wipe out the tough cat and dog odors and stains quicker.

Features of the pet dog carpet cleaner

Some features of the pet dog carpet cleaner are as follow:

  • Professional quality formula. Extreme Stain and Odor Remover is a professional quality formula specifically intended to clean wreckage from pets, making your home clean from the pet stains and odors and the discouraging pets from the repeat marking.
  • Eliminates stains and odor. It eliminates stains and odor very easily. Pooch and feline pee, defecation, regurgitation or dribble everything is effectively cleaned with intense enzyme action. 
  • Cleans and deodorizes. It keeps your home looking and smelling terrific utilizing fresh scented and natural plant-based cleaner. 
  • Multi-surface safe. Feel sure utilizing it on rugs, upholstery, tile, hardwood floors, garments, vehicle insides, pooch and feline beds, concrete, and any water-safe surfaces. Our plant-based cleanser is delicate yet exceedingly viable.


  • Safe for use on rugs, upholstery, bedding, dress and some other water-safe surfaces. 
  • Simple Solution is totally ok for use around pets and kids when utilized as coordinated. 
  • Handy Trigger spray activity for simple and focused on utilizes. 
  • Extreme is the most ground-breaking variant containing 3 X all the more cleaning microbes to take a shot at the hardest of stains.
  • It is viable on both old and new stains, on both upholstery and carpets and other water-safe surfaces.  


Straightforward Solution stain and odor removers are the No.1 functional carpet cleaning products accessible, created to utilize enzyme and bacteria technology to effectively and hygienically remove the household stains and organic pet.

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It is a reliable and very effective carpet cleaner shampoo . It is perfect for all surfaced, you can use it in your home and office.

2. Hoover Cleanplus 2X

Hoover Cleanplus 2X

Hoover Clean Plus is an amazing best carpet cleaner shampoo and upholstery solution figured to clean daily grime and dirt from the floor carpets and upholstery leaving behind a clean and fresh scent. It is the best carpet shampoo. 2X concentrated plan to be twice as great so you can utilize half to such an extent. Use with the Clean plus Spot Spray before cleaning the rugs to guarantee best-results and keep on utilizing it as a major aspect of the maintenance program to extend the life of the carpets

Features of Hoover Cleanplus 2X

Some features of Hoover CleanPlus 2X best carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • Removes the dirt and grime rapidly. This cleanser deep cleans and rapidly removes the dirt and grime. It’s optimal for use in high traffic regions. Hoover Cleanplus 2X Concentrated Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer are best for its amazing features.
  • Amazing and powerful. Hoover Clean Plus AH30330NF is an amazing and powerful upholstery and carpet solution produced to remove the dirt from your carpets. The 2X concentrated formulation is twice strong so you can utilize half to such an extent.  
  • 100% Biodegradable and Non-Toxic Clean for All. It gives an extraordinary clean to any machine Cleans carpets, upholstery, car interiors, and area rugs. New Fresh Linen clean aroma improved the cleaning performance with the new exclusive recipe.


  • Deep wipes and rapidly takes off ordinary grime and dirt 
  • Hoover carpet cleaner functions admirably in high rush hour zones 
  • Twice as the powerful formula 
  • Use half as much for double cleaning power
  • Powerful cleaning for consistently dirt and grime 
  • 2X concentrated formula 
  • Fresh linen scent


This type of solution is sufficiently delicate for different types of carpets yet solid enough to clean the dirt away. Completes A great job at cleaning the carpets cleans well and scents decent. This cleanser deep cleans and rapidly evacuates unyielding ordinary dirt and grime. This fluid carpet cleaner is perfect for use in high-activity areas and the cleaner itself is twice as intense, subsequently the 2X.   

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Get rid of the problem areas and unwanted stains leaving behind a fresh and clean feeling with Hoover Cleanplus 2X Concentrated Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer.

3. 4PACK Resolve 60 oz

4PACK Resolve 60 oz

Vacuuming alone won’t get all dirt caught in the carpet. With RESOLVE products you can accomplish a quick deeper clean without the burden, cost, or entanglement of other deep cleaning strategies. RESOLVE removes three times more soil than vacuuming and renewing powders alone. Whether you have to deep clean huge or high traffic zones, or deal with pet odors and wrecks, you’ll locate a simple and advantageous solution with RESOLVE products. 

Features of 4 pack resolve carpet cleaner

Some features of RESOLVE carpet cleaner best carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • Three in one cleaning. It is one product and dilution for three cleanings utilizes carpet extraction cleaner; pretreatment spray and cleaner for high traffic lanes. Use on wool, nylon and stain safe floor carpets. Deeps clean and renews with a light, clean fragrance. Help protect against the dirt, while leaving the carpet delicate and extravagant. Ok for Bissell, Hoover, floor carpet specialist and other deep cleaning machines. 
  • Safe to Use with Popular Steam Machines. Resolve 2X concentrated formula is the best carpet shampoo and tried safe for use with driving full-estimate upright and the canister machines, and also hand-held models. Follow the carpet steam cleaner bearings for utilizing.  
  • Protects against the dirt. Resolve Large Area Carpet Cleaner Machine Solution is formulated specially to make your floor carpets and rugs delicate. It protects against the dirt and deodorizes your rugs with a reviving clean aroma. 
  • Low foaming action. This machine solution is incredible for tough dirt, is protected to use on nylon and stain-safe carpet, and is alright for Hoover, Rug Doctor, and Bissell machines. You can put it in every area like the front room, bedroom, and any hidden areas around the carpet regions. 


  • Deep Cleaning Power 
  • Specially detailed to make carpet cleaning simpler for large carpet areas
  • Deodorizes the carpet with a clean scent
  • Helps to protect against the dirt and leave the carpet plush and soft


Make carpet cleaning less demanding with RESOLVE Carpet Steam Cleaner Machine Solution including a formula for low foaming. This formula removes the dirt and family unit odors from carpeted areas and defends against the future soiling and leaving your carpet delicate, extravagant, and smelling new.

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The low-foaming action is exceptionally planned to make carpet cleaning less demanding for expansive territories of carpet.

4. OxiClean 64.0 FL OZ

OxiClean 64.0 FL OZ

OxiClean removes grass stains from the polyester baseball pants and it is known as one of the best carpet cleaner shampoos. You can see results only seconds in the wake of applying it. OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover removes the stains and scents from tomato, blood and set-in stains that are typically difficult to remove.

Features of OxiClean large area carpet cleaner shampoo

Some features of OxiClean best carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • Performance. OxiClean functions very well against an assortment of tough stains that test similar products, including grass, cosmetics, and natural products. 
  • Remove washed and dried stains. Even set-in stains and smells can benefit from outside assistance by the stain remover. It even removed the stains that had been washed and dried. 
  • Safe for textures. OxiClean does not contain bleach and is safe for different kinds of textures. It was utilized on a wide assortment of texture and it performed incredibly well each and every time. 
  • Proper Cleaning. They get strolled on, dropped on and are magnets for the stains. Help your floor carpets out and give them a decent cleaning with the OxiClean™ Large Area Carpet Cleaner. In a matter of seconds, they’ll look like new. 


  • Deep cleaning action 
  • Gets out intense stains 
  • Use with any type of carpet cleaning machine 
  • Removes grass, dirt, juice, cosmetics 
  • Effective on the carpet stains 
  • Environment-friendly 


Utilize the OxiClean Carpet and Area Rug Stain Remover to keep your home or office putting its best self forward. It blurs away intense spots easily. This Oxiclean carpet cleaner offers a deeply viable approach to manage drinks and food stains, pet wrecks and that’s just the beginning. Simply splash it on, let it set, blot the stained area and vacuum. 

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OxiClean is phenomenal for huge amounts of stains on your clothing and washable upholstery. It’s somewhat phenomenal – try it out on any stain. You will be very happy.

5. BISSELL Deep Clean 42 oz

BISSELL Deep Clean 42 oz

The BISSELL Deep Clean Plus Antibacterial Carpet Shampoo, 42 oz, 1568W is the best carpet shampoo. It cleans and controls smell causing microorganisms on the carpets. This formula deep cleans and controls the bacteria responsible for odor.

It is a stain and scent remover for the carpet as it was. This enemy of – bacterial carpet cleaner is to just be utilized with BISSELL Upright and Portable Deep Cleaners with the East Fill system obviously. 

Features of Bissell deep clean 

Some features of Bissell best carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • Oxy Safe intensity. It removes the tough stains and smells permanent. Cleans with the intensity of Oxy Safe for use in all full-sized deep cleaning machines when utilized as directed Earth-friendly formula contains no harmful material.
  • No-Spill Formula Filling. The BISSELL Easy-Fill System makes including cleaning formula. It’s one of a kind locking component interfaces the jug to the machine to anticipate spills and take into account exact and accurate dosing. 
  • A Refreshing Clean. BISSELL’s antibacterial formula deep cleans past what’s seen by controlling smell causing microscopic organisms and dispensing with scents at the source, leaving the carpets perfect. 


  • Cleans and controls smell causing microscopic organisms 
  • Only for BISSELL Machines with Easy-Fill System 
  • Good stuff.
  • Removes stains, makes the house smell great. 
  • Cleans and controls smell causing bacteria. Only for BISSELL Machines with Easy-Fill System. 


BISSELL’s inventive DeepClean + Antibacterial formula is the primary recipe to control smell causing microscopic organisms while it cleans. Scents are disposed of at the source, leaving the carpets clean and smells likes new.

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The BISSELL Easy-Fill System, you’ll have the capacity to include the perfect measure of formula to your machine without spilling a drop.

6. Zep Commercial, ZPE1041690 

Zep Commercial, ZPE1041690

Deep cleaning, heavy-duty formula cleans the upholstery and carpets with modern quality cleansers to lift stains and dirt. Carpet Extractor Shampoo is the best carpet shampoo and is intended for use in a steam or extractor carpet cleaning machine. It contains the de-foamers, controls static and secures the carpets with DuPont stain and the soil anti-agents. Low foaming and concentrated formula make up to 25 gallons. 

Features of Zep Commercial ZPE1041690

Some features of Zep commercial best carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • Strong dirt and stain anti-agents. Clean carpet and upholstery while ensuring the carpet with the DuPont dirt and stain anti-agents. For use in the carpet cleaning machines, the formula is particularly designed to reduce the control static and offer deep clean to lift the dirt. It likewise leaves a fresh scent
  • Maintain commercial high traffic floors. Maintaining very high-traffic floors are a difficult challenge, even for professionals. Commercial High-Traffic Floor Polish is specially made to seal and protect the vinyl and other hard surface floors. 
  • Easy to apply. Just apply it with a string mop for a gloss finish that battles the scuffs, heals marks and slipping. Polish is step 3 of the Zep Commercial 4-step floor maintenance program.


  • Cleans rugs and upholstery with modern quality cleansers 
  • For use in the steam or extractor carpet cleaning machines 
  • Controls and ensures carpet with DuPont stain and soil anti-agents 
  • Concentrated, the low-frothing formula makes up to 25 gallons 
  • It is very reasonable
  • Provides amazing deep cleaning with low foaming 
  • Fresh Scent 


The deep cleaning formula cleans the carpets and upholstery with modern quality cleansers to lift dirt and stains. Carpet Extractor Shampoo is intended for use in an extractor/steam carpet cleaning machine. It contains defoamers, controls static and ensures the carpets with DuPont stain and soil anti-agents. 

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Concentrated, the low foaming recipe makes up to 25 gallons. You will surely get quick and effective results from this best carpet cleaner shampoo.

7. BISSELL Deep Clean 50 oz

BISSELL Deep Clean 50 oz

BISSELL Deep Clean + Oxy Advanced Carpet Shampoo, 50 oz, 2029 permanently evacuate intense stains and odors. It cleans with the intensity of OxySafe for use in all full-sized deep cleaning machines when utilized as directed as it is the best carpet shampoo.

Features of Bissell deep clean

Some features of Bissell best carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • Quick and fantastic cleaning shampoo. The Bissell Deep Clean and Oxy Advanced Carpet Shampoo is a quick and fantastic cleaning solution, now improved bigger top with included pour spout for less demanding dosing. It is uncommonly perfect for homes with pets.  
  • Advanced with freshness enhancer innovation. This 50 oz Bissell pet stain remover includes a propelled plan with Freshness Enhancer innovation 
  • Featuring an earth-friendly, concentrating formula with Freshness Enhancer innovation, it forever takes out tough odors and stains. Use it as coordinated with any of the full size, upright, deep cleaning machines.   
  • Satisfied cleaning results. The Bissell floor carpet cleaner is lightweight and simple to use, and incredible to store when you don’t have space. It leaves the rug smelling great. This 2029 Bissell stain remover is biodegradable and contains no substantial metals, phosphates or colors.


  • Earth cordial formula
  • Contains no substantial metals, phosphates or dyes Biodegradable cleansers 
  • Permanently removes tough odors and stains
  • Cleans with the intensity of Oxy 
  • Safe for use in all full-sized deep cleaning machines when utilized as coordinated 
  • Contains no dyes, phosphates and heavy metals 
  • Biodegradable cleansers 


This stuff pulled up even some extremely old stains from past pets. One of only a handful couple of things nowadays that really does what it says it will do. It is an excellent product and left the room smelling fresh and clean. 

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If you are looking for an amazing carpet cleaner, give this a try. You will surely enjoy the excellent cleaning results.

8. BISSELL Wash Shampoo, 1.5 L

BISSELL Wash Shampoo, 1.5 L

Bissell has been producing creative products to enable us to all the more likely deal with the homes we live in. It was initially popular for their notable line of the carpet cleaners. Bissell washes and protects pet carpet shampoo is the best carpet shampoo.

Features of Bissell wash and protect pet carpet shampoo 1.5L

Some features of Bissell wash best carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • Wash and protect the pet cleaning formula. Intended for use with the majority of Bissell’s upright carpet cleaning machines, this Wash and Protect Pet Cleaning Formula is a detergent free, double concentrate, bleach-free and double action formula beyond any doubt to leave your home looking ‘showroom clean’. 
  • Concentrated formula. The concentrated formula try’s to separate difficult pet scents, and in addition removing the dirt, leaving your home looking and smelling extraordinary. 
  • Durable stain and dirt resistance. Not only to clean your home, but the Protector also incorporated into the formula provides durable stain and dirt resistance for the upholstery and carpets, rejuvenating rugs and make them simpler to vacuum later on. Also, with a huge 1.5-liter container of the super-intense solution, you’ll have to replace it less frequently as well. 
  • Bissell’s venture into different territories of cleaning has made deep cleaning rugs, floors, and upholstery, which was at one time the domain of business cleaners, accessible to everybody. 


  • Does a fantastic activity
  • Always gets a parcel of earth/stains from my floors.
  • Does precisely what it says
  • Cleaned intensely grimy carpets
  • Easy to utilize


This is BISSELL’s best ever deep cleaning recipe, now containing double the amount of non-unstable cleaning specialists for professional-style results. Double activity recipe deep cleans and protects in one simple advance. The BISSELL Professional carpet cleanser is all-inclusive, having been research center tried and safe to use in BISSELL, Vax and all other brand full-size carpet cleaners, even rental machines. 

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IF you need to get the most ideal outcomes from your carpet cleaning machine, you should give it a try.

9. Biokleen 64 Fl Oz

Biokleen 64 Fl Oz

Biokleen Carpet and rug shampoo have proficient cleaning power and are the best carpet shampoo without any type of chemical usage that leaves the fumes and hard residue.

Citrus extracts, grapefruit seed, and plant-based surfactants clean the tough stains and smell in your carpet. Biokleen Carpet and rug shampoo is protected on every single washable fiber and is delicate on support and cushions. Alright for most sorts of cleans and surfaces and rinse very successfully with hot or cool water, and leaves no fumes or residue behind. 

Features of Biokleen – Super Concentrated Carpet and Rug Shampoo 

Some features of Biokleen best carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • Environment-Friendly. This super-concentrated carpet and rug shampoo are very environment-friendly with no negative consequences for streams, rivers, wildlife or plants. 
  • Super Concentrated Natural. It is non-toxic. Biodegradable Orange Peel and Grapefruit Seed Extract Cleaning Power   
  • Safe for textures. Biokleen Carpet and rug shampoo is safe for all types of textures and is delicate on the fiber. Biokleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo Concentrate is an expert cleaning power without the utilization of synthetic compounds. 
  • For Natural Cleaning Of Carpets. Carpet and Rug Shampoo Concentrate is a characteristic method to keep floor carpets and rugs free of bacteria and dust. The common extracts in the chemical act intense on stains and scents.   


  • Good to those with the chemical allergies and sensitiveness
  • No preservatives, colors and artificial fragrances
  • Rapidly Biodegrades and Ozone safe 
  • Tough on Dirt, Gentle on the Earth
  • Cuts through the tough stains 
  • Delicate on texture 
  • Made of the natural substances 


Carpet and Rug Shampoo Concentrate helps keep dirt and stain off the floor carpets while protecting the earth. It is great for its performance. There is no bad effect on the texture and might be utilized around children and pets. 

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The chemical has been intended to use in commercial areas and heavy traffic. It will help you perfectly clean all surfaces.

10. Great Value Pro-Strength 64 fl oz

Great Value Pro-Strength 64 fl oz

Great Value Pro-Strength Pet Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Cleaner is the best carpet cleaner shampoo for keeping every one of your rugs clean with a new smell. The pro-quality cleaning formula will easily clean up to 12 rooms, which will keep your home neat& clean for quite a while. 

Features of Great Value Pro Strength

Some features of Great value pro strength carpet shampoo are as follows:

  • 2X formula. The 2x formula in this container will likewise help clean in less time than regular, and the product can be utilized in any steam worked machine. Presently it’s conceivable to live with pets and the carpets less the stress of a changeless stain wreaking destruction on the stylistic layout of your room. 
  • High quality. Great Value products provide families with high quality and affordable household and grocery alternatives. With the extensive variety of product classes spreading over basic needs and family consumables, they offer you an assortment of products for your family’s needs. 
  • Easily accessible. The products are available online and in stores across the country, enabling you to stock up and set aside extra cash in the meantime. 


  • Awesome Value Pro-Strength Pet Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Cleaner, 64 fl oz: 
  • Perfect for cleaning an assortment of floor carpets
  • 2x the formula quality 
  • Cleans up to 12 rooms 
  • Pro-quality formula 
  • Works in a steam cleaner 


Some carpet stains may cause changeless staining of your carpet even in the wake of cleaning, so guarantee use by testing in a little zone of carpet. Never blend this Clean Solution with the bleach or use with other family unit products. 

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 It is the perfect solution that will allow you to easily and quickly clean all surfaces. Perfect for residential and commercial use.